Transport and Politics | “Reflective Man”: – This gift could save your life

Transport and Politics |  “Reflective Man”: – This gift could save your life

Artist and writer Maud Angelika Behn designed this year’s reflector for Trygg Trafikk. It was this kind of reflective foil that Exeth brought to the new district council representatives in Inlandt.

– Cheapest life insurance

Exeth, who was a member of the Road Safety Committee in the previous period, issued a clear call for everyone to use reflectors in the darkness of autumn and winter.

Working to ensure that no one is injured or killed in traffic is one of the most important tasks that a person can perform. Now that it’s dark, fitting a reflector to your jacket when you go out in the dark is the cheapest life insurance you can get, says Exeth.

Three-eyed cats in the dark

As previously mentioned, Maud Angelica Behn designed this year’s reflective slide Safe traffic.

Behn has long used three-eyed cats as a motif in her art and on her Instagram profile. The same elements were included when I now designed completely new reflectors.

-I love cats and I feel like a cat with three eyes fits the reflex. Being able to see in the dark and sneak and watch like a cat. It’s amazing how you can use art to keep yourself safe! When everything is black, you can use reflectors to become art, which glows in the dark, Behn said in a press release from Trygg Trafikk when the new reflective foils were launched earlier this fall.

I wish more people would use reflex

She also said that it is important to take care of each other and keep each other safe on a winter night.

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-I’ve always tried to be safe in traffic. Now that I’ve started driving myself, I realize how important this is and how little you see in the dark while driving. I remember a driving lesson where we had to try to figure out who had reflexes and who didn’t. The vast majority lack feedback. “I wish more people would go with the reaction,” she said.

National Trigg Traffic censuses of reaction show that less than half of adults remember the reaction.

Former reflexive designers

These companies have previously designed reflectors for safe traffic:

  • Martin Watson 2022
  • Frederic Skavlan 2021
  • Vaporn Sand 2020
  • Therese Gohauge 2019
  • Kygo 2018
  • Carry Tra 2017
  • Norway’s mood 2016
  • Devices 2015
  • Nikolai Aamodt 2014
  • Frodi Overly 2013
  • Oni Askeland 2012
  • Push cart 2011
  • Magne Vorholmen 2010
  • Gunilla Holm Plateau 2009
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