Corona leader | Intense record racing

Corona leader |  Intense record racing

Director This is a captain. The editor expresses the position of the newspaper.

We set a record Every day, says Senior Adviser Simin Dolgard of State Director at Home. He has informed the municipalities in the interior that the corona infection is now spreading in all the municipalities of the province. Hospitals have reported an improvement, but the National Institute of Public Health also warns that the trend in the number of admissions is likely to be reversed.

antider FHI We reached peak infection after two weeks. Chief Municipal Doctor Beer of Hagstein in Ringbow notes that there is a clear trend showing that the number of cases is rising sharply. He talks about the fact that they had a hard time ahead of them, with the infection also in institutional care. This is despite the fact that the municipal council unanimously, and without seeking advice from the person in charge of infection control in the municipality, decided that in Ringebu it would be safe and uncomplicated to arrange the referendum indoors in the same way they do. Arranging elections every two years…

national trend At the moment, the age group under 60 is the most affected. However, the trend is also on the rise in other age groups, and it is feared that the increase will eventually reach older age groups as well. Perhaps the fear of contagion is a more serious threat to democratic rights than the digital option with access to help for those who need it?

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We are in a phase When we talk about it now, the infection will reach all of us. We’re at a point where it’s still important to get on the brakes. In order for most things to roll around and get as close to normal as possible, a maximum of five percent of the population could be infected at the same time. It is also the case that the longer it goes, the higher the chance of an omicron variant, rather than the more dangerous delta variant.

This is a comprehensive goal To bypass the expected wave of infection without increasing the burden on health services, and in the municipalities now great efforts are being made to implement all measures that can make it possible to maintain some control over the development of infection. Then we rely on each of us still behaving in a way that does not increase the risk of spread. Although this is gradually becoming something everyone should have, there is a need to stay in control.

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