A space for diversity and exclusivity in the workplace

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In Norway, we have about 2.7 million people working. The proportion of the population in the labor force is among the highest in the OECD region, and has risen from more than 60 percent to more than 70 percent in the past 20 years.

Norwegian workers are happy and enthusiastic at work. Compared to the European Union, 9 out of 10 stated that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their work.

Increase diversity

Working life in Norway today is more diverse than it used to be. Working life is complex, and challenges are exacerbated in different parts of the working population. It will also be for LGBT residents.

There are currently very few facts and national knowledge about the work environment of the LGBT population in Norway, although there is more and more data and facts about the diverse working life – also in the context of the work environment.

We know from research that factors such as high confidence, fair leadership, security, independence, and supportive leadership are important to a supportive work environment and leadership. A working life that allows diversity and takes care of everyone is also based on this. Everyone wants to live a working life where we can be fully ourselves, and experience psychological security, says STAMI Director Pål Molander.

good work environment

Work is the creation of identity and a source of joy, self-respect and belonging. In workplaces with a high degree of trust, fairness and cooperation in the organization, and in workplaces with good tenant support, fair leadership and positive challenges at work, one sees that these can act as protective factors – against ill health.

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Confidence and independence have made Norwegian working life high value, good quality social welfare services and high efficiency.

Sharing in design and independence in action is a major competitive advantage for us in an increasingly globalized world where competition is increasing. It provides a good work environment and job affiliation and contributes to us being a little more at work.

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