Tonje Frigstad: – He was asked to go fishing in a bikini

Tonje Frigstad: - He was asked to go fishing in a bikini

Earlier this year, it became known that the former participant of “Farmen” Tonje Frigstad (22 years old) and his ex-boyfriend Simon Trondstad They went their separate ways.

Frigstad did after the breakup like many others and downloaded the dating app Tinder. However, earlier in September, she was able to say that she has been banned from Tinder for life.

she said the opposite TV 2.

When Dagbladet met Frigstad at the Reality Awards Friday night, she was able to say that she absolutely doesn’t need dating apps to survive in the dating market.

Instagram works too

Without a Tinder membership, Frigstad has already received a number of letters of proposal. Inquiries should flow to your Instagram inbox.

However, the reality show participant must avoid the answers.

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– There are those who deserve an answer because there are very good messages. But there are few answers. But I read it and thought it was very interesting and take it as a compliment, she says.

While there are many fun messages to read, there are also some pretty weird ones.

– I’m taking a little screenshot. People are weird, ask if I’d like to join in on Stranger Things. Someone asked if we should hunt grouse in a bikini, she says.

– But how do you date when you’re not on Tinder?

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– If you “slip” on a good direct message, it might work somehow.

Frigstad isn’t too sad after blocking Tinder.

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– I don’t think I’ll find the man of my dreams there anyway.

Award awarded

The former participant in “Farmin” wasn’t alone A participant in the Reality Awards on Friday. She was also tasked with distributing awards. Before the awards ceremony, she met the press on the red carpet.

She had high expectations for the evening.

FIN: Friends get dressed up on the red carpet.  Photo: Espen Solli / Se og Hør

FIN: Friends get dressed up on the red carpet. Photo: Espen Solli / Se og Hør
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“We’ll celebrate reality, I like it,” Frigstad told Dagbladet.

With her was her friend, Lenya Lutved. The duo spent two hours making sure they looked as good as possible for the first-ever reality awards.

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