Culture River Festival | The city's biggest festival launches seven new artists: – Good reasons to visit the city

Culture River Festival |  The city's biggest festival launches seven new artists: – Good reasons to visit the city

Prager: Every summer's eve, tens of thousands gather in the city centre. From its humble beginnings in 1995, it has grown exponentially after the turn of the millennium.

Since many of the activities on both sides of the river are free, there is great excitement every year about which artists will be placed on the big concert posters.

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– expertise

Since 2002, Elvestival has been accompanied by a commercial music programme. Anders Eriksen and Kai Gustafsen were the ones who started this tradition, and the duo continued it until 2012.

Now it is the LGA (Lund Gruppen Arrangement) that cooperates with Byen Vår Drammen, and is responsible for the concerts in the city park. They have successfully shifted their focus towards a younger audience and also transformed their project by taking on the name Ypsilon.

– With Ypsilon, we want to create a space where music meets heart, and where every performance is not just a concert, but an experience. We are proud to present our first 14 artists who reflect the spirit of the festival, which is about bringing people together to share the joy of music. Last year's festival broke all records and was a great success, booking manager Magnus Lund said in a press release.

-An attraction factor for visitors

– We at Byen Vår Drammen are happy that Ypsilon gives people who do not live in Drammen good reasons to visit our city during the River Festival. In 2023, the majority of visitors were traveling to visit Epsilon. This means that the River Festival is not just a festival for the city, but also an attraction for visitors, which is perfectly in line with our ambitions, says Tom Søgaard, General Manager of Byen Vår Drammen.

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These artists will be released Monday for this year's program: Robin, Postgerobjet, Golfclub, Chris Aboulad, Dilara, Tyr and Lil Finn.

Before, these artists are already ready: Balenciaga, Matoma, Sondre Gustad, Timmy Trumpet, Victoria Nadine, Chris Holsten and 06 Boyz.

The organizer is announcing several editions before the start of this year's festival from August 23 to 24.

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