These take part in “Every Time We Meet” – VG

These take part in “Every Time We Meet” – VG
The Gang: You’ll become more familiar with these artists when the next season of “Every Time We Meet” is shown on TV in the New Year in 2022. Back from left Garley Bernhoft, Arif, Mag Brett Andersen, Anna from North and Stig Brenner. From the left we see Mira, Austin Grenny and Andreas “Tex” Hauckland.

KJERRINGØY (VG) friends Arif and Stig Brenner (formerly Young Ferrari) hope to stamp out the latest prejudices in the hip-hop community against a show like “Every time we meet,” while TIX initially refused to participate.


In the New Year in 2022, he’s ready for another season of “Every Time We Meet” on TV2. The difference this year is that the countryside surrounding Vestre Kjærnes Farm in Våler has been relocated to an idyllic archipelago area of ​​Kjerringøy outside Bodø.

Perhaps the artist’s mixing of the established and the young, progressive thinking has never been stronger than this season.

These are participating in this year’s edition of Every Time We Meet:

Jarl Bernhoft

Jarl Bernhoft (45) started his career in the bands Explicit Lyrics and Span, but over the past ten years he has established himself as a solo artist in Norway and abroad. Bernhoft was named Spellemann of the Year for 2011 and also named Artist of the Year.

Bernhoft’s father is from Kirinje, and as such he is at home. He spent the summers of his childhood and adolescence in Kjerringøy.

Coming back is a strong thing, as it must have been 15-16 years since I’ve been here now. There is probably a reason for me to say yes now, even though I’ve been asked many times before. I feel confident in myself and what I’m doing — now it works for me, says Bernhoft.

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Øystein Greni in Bigbang.

BigBang heads Øystein alluvial (47) Needs no further presentations for anyone who has had a touch of interest in Norwegian rock in the last twenty years or so. A natural authority on stage, but soon in this company he felt small.

– Expectations? I had no expectations the night before I went here – I was worried! Smiling old skier Greni, who after the press conference was delighted to take a quick ride from Kvitbrygga in Kjerringøy and plunge into the eight-degree warm northern salt water.

Watch the death of Austin Greens at the bottom of the case!

– Yes, it was fine in the old control freak to say yes to this… But I’m a guy who takes advantage of getting out of his comfort zone, and that’s probably the most he can be. I have something I want to share, stories I want to tell.

– as?

– You have to wait and see!

Regina Tucker, aka Mira

Mira (26) Actually called Regina Tucker and she is the smallest in the herd. Many remember her from last year’s NRK’s ​​”Star Fight,” and earlier this year the Bergen native of Sierra Leonean background won an Edvard Award for his “Homeless in His Town” script.

With her relatively short career, I was almost shocked to ask her.

– Do you want me? With my catalog, the little one there? Of course I want to be part of this group of artists that I deeply respect – so much! I hope to have the opportunity to properly tell my background and story, why I write as I do, says Mira.

Anna Loterode, nicknamed Anna of the North

Anna North (32) Lotterud is actually called by the last name and comes from Gjøvik. Hello is she from Norway is a reaction you often hear about the artist’s name.

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– Yes, Norwegians have written to me in English on social media…maybe because there is an American record company – fortunately they are fully committed to me, and I’ve had most of it there my career so far, says Loterud broadcast more from 400 million times on Spotify and who ran away with a Spellemann Video Award for Dream Girl in 2019.

I may be an underdog in this wonderful company, but I hope my name is better known here at home than it may be now.

Arif (Salum)

rap singer Arif Salum (35) – or just Arif – was named Untouched of the Year by P3 in 2013 under the name Phil T. Rich and has since built a solid career and a highly respected standing among critics.

– I was in doubt if I had to say yes – Is that me? Am I cheating on my fans, sort of? But if they like my music, they will respect that too. The fronts weren’t quite as steep as they used to be, but they didn’t get quite far either. But yeah, I’ve had some conversations with myself. It also helped that Stig said yes, says Arif, who in 2015 won the Spellemann Award for HighEnd/Asphalt.

Stig Joar Haugen, also known as Stig Brenner

Stage Brenner (31) Of Hamar already has Haugen as his family name and started his career as a small Ferrari. It debuted in 2015, and has since amassed heaps of Spellemann and P3 Gold nominations. He’s also worked with rapper Arif and shares his views on deciphering some of the prejudices about “every time we meet”.

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– I was skeptical at first, hip-hop culture is still a bit too small to be considered a sale if you joined something like this. You know what, those who hate joining this program can just sit there! He says.

– This can be a golden entrance to people’s homes, and hopefully it will also be in their hearts.

Mag Britt Andersen

Mag Britt Andersen (64) is a true veteran of this company, also in terms of Spellemann nominations (14) and Spellemann Awards (2). Andersen is a respected ambassador for Alf Pruisen and has released several children’s albums, of which The Powder Witch Story is perhaps the best.

She is now completing a second project with her husband, Jair Holmsen, on the scripts of Lars Sabi Christensen.

– It’s a little scary here, and I must admit that it was only Garley Bernhoft I knew so well before. But what a wonderful group. Something happened as soon as we got on the “Every Time We Meet” bus. It’s hard to explain, but it seems so shout Immediately, says mag Brett Andersen, who also promised to bring out her Chipahua-era spiritual side.

Andreas Hochland, also known as TIX

Andreas “Tekes” Hokland (28) He may also not need a closer presentation after having been both high and low for the past year. TIX began a lucrative career as a somewhat dubious Russell songwriter, but in the past year – with hit after hit, participation in Eurovision and not least the Spellemann of the Year – it has been hacked by all generations.

But he said no at first when asked.

I was created to take my life with a lot of work, and in that time I had a lot to do. In fact, I’m still working on these songs already on my return flight from Amsterdam and Eurovision, admits TIX, who quickly adds that he spent the summer recharging his batteries.

At the same time, I know they would like to have me with them, and for me this was an opportunity to tell the whole story of Andreas and Tex – and the interaction between them – as it is now. And I can do it without censorship, where in other interviews I don’t get everything I want because the press has a different agenda. “Every Time We Meet” is a program that takes music seriously.

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