Crimea, killed | The 58-year-old has withdrawn a confession to a double murder in Bergen

Crimea, killed |  The 58-year-old has withdrawn a confession to a double murder in Bergen

The accused, armed with an ax and a knife, are said to have entered Room 305 of Bergen Hospital and attacked the couple present there. Someone confesses, but only one murder.

The indictment describes in detail how one of the accused, the hospice night watchman, turned off video surveillance in the building, retrieved an ax and several knives and opened the door to the room the couple were in. While the main defendant (58) was said to have stabbed the woman first and then repeatedly stabbed the man in the neck and face, the night watchman (34) was said to have cut both of them in the head with an ax.

The double murder occurred once between 3 and 8 a.m. on Sunday January 12 last year.

At the first interrogation, the 58-year-old took all the blame for the brutal violent attack on Room 305, but later changed his interpretation to the police. He now denies killing the 29-year-old woman, according to Attorney General Benedict Hordnes at the Hordaland Attorney General’s Office.

– He admitted he stabbed her, but denied using an axe, Horden tells NTB.

It was announced that the two victims died at the scene of the accident as a result of the serious assault they were exposed to. It is reported that the cause of death was bleeding and injury to the respiratory system. The 42-year-old man and 29-year-old woman were found unfitted at Osavatnet in Bergen on January 13 last year, hiding under a green tarpaulin with bloody objects.

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The case was filed with Sur-Hordaland County Court in Bergen on Monday. One per month was set to trial.

Well known to the police

– He pleaded guilty to the charges, and the 58-year-old defender, attorney Einar Rhein, had previously told NTB.

Ryan did not respond to NTB’s pretrial inquiries and did not comment on information that his client had withdrawn portions of the confession.

The man is well known to the police before and has a number of violent crimes and drug-related convictions behind him. He was awaiting a seven-month prison sentence when the killings occurred.

The prosecution had announced a demand for 21 years in prison, for reasons related to the man’s long criminal biography and the risk of committing a new serious crime upon his release from an ordinary prison sentence.

– I don’t want to go into detail about what the prosecution believes is the motive. But there was a violent struggle between one of the victims, the official and the other of the accused. Hordnes says this ends in murder, we have to endure the interrogation.

The original conflict is said to have had its background in unreconciled debts.

Dispute the indictment

The man the prosecutor believes committed the murder with the 58-year-old, flatly denies the charge after that indictment.

– My client has not pleaded criminal guilt after the indictment, says advocate, attorney Eric Olfswater, to NTB. He previously stated clearly that the Polish man strongly denies the descriptions of the indictment in statements to Bergens Tidende When the indictment was issued.

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A third person charged with complicity in a double murder in Bergen is a 24-year-old man who, according to the indictment, was on duty while the two older men were doing their jobs. Denies criminal guilt.

– He asserts that he was in the nursing home at the time of this, but denies that he had any role in relation to the murder. I can’t go into more detail on his explanation, but he never had a guard role, says his advocate, attorney John Anders Hassell.

Admits removal of evidence

A 34-year-old and a 37-year-old have been charged – and have confessed – with removing evidence after committing the murders.

The 34-year-old helped clean and wash the room where the killings took place, and also packed and moved the bodies out of the dorm. The man pleaded guilty to criminal offenses, and his lawyer, Eric McGill, told NTB.

The 37-year-old helped lift the bodies into a car given to him by the 34-year-old. The two are said to have thrown their belongings into a river at Gullfjellsveien by Osavatnet in Arna.

– He admitted his involvement in wasting evidence and is ready to be punished for that. His attorney, Kjetil Ottesen, told NTB he will appear in court and is excited to hear what the other defendants have to say about what should have happened at the scene.

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