Present Bianca Ingrosso with a new TV show

Present Bianca Ingrosso with a new TV show

Bianca Ingrosso recorded her latest episode of “Wahlgrens Värld”, and told that she The series ended after ten full seasons.

She will now soon be appearing on a new TV show in collaboration with Discovery Plus Sweden according to express.

– I’m pregnant and very excited, says Ingroso.

It helps to develop the program

The 26-year-old previously stated on her Instagram profile that there will be a new and interesting project next fall that she has been working on.

Done: Bianca Ingrosso (right) joins «Wahlgrens Värld», but is updated with new software. Here with her mother Pernilla Wahlgren. Photo: Robert Ecklund

Discovery Networks Sweden confirms that the project you are talking about is a completely new TV show and a major investment for Discovery Plus.

The program has not yet been given a title, but according to Discovery, Ingrosso himself is involved in the development of the program.

“It feels so great and so much fun with the new Discovery Plus software, and to be a part of the design and build process,” Ingrosso says in a press release.

Received several awards

“Wahlgren’s World” is also a production by Discovery Plus, and has mostly dealt with the lives of Ingrosso and her mother, artist Pernilla Wahlgren.

The 26-year-old’s siblings also participated in the program, but gradually chose to prioritize privacy before the program.

The reality show started in 2016 and has won several Crystal Awards. According to the show’s producer, Susan Soderbergh, “Wahlgrens Värld” is one of the series that hits the charts week after week on Discovery.

Söderberg says it’s been fun and fascinating to follow Ingrosso’s journey through the chain:

– We’ve seen her take the step from the teenage daughter in the family to a successful entrepreneur. Soderbergh says it feels great now to also do another program and a big investment with Bianca.

– I love you

Despite Ingrosso’s withdrawal from Wahlgrens Värld, she said Instagram She will continue to appear in the series from time to time.

She also does not deny that she can return to the series on a later occasion.

She says on social media that the series meant everything to her and thanks the crew behind the production:

Fyfaen as we laughed and cried and traveled and went through things together. Everything from love, heartache, children, movement and job. I wrote then, I love you with all my heart.

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