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Kyrkja har rom for deg i advent- og juletida. Foto: Bo Mathisen/Den norske kyrkja

We celebrate Advent and Christmas in churches across the country. Hello! The church facilitates a good and safe experience.

The church has a place for you during Advent and Christmas. Photo: Bo Matessen/Norwegian Church

In church, you can have good musical experiences, feel a sense of community in a church service or find peace in a quiet church. The doors of the church are open to hope, comfort and faith. With distance and face masks, you are guaranteed a safe experience.

The church follows the National Infection Control Manual. Here it says among other things:

  • In most cities, you will be assigned a permanent seat that you must sit on
  • You must provide your name and phone number when you come to church, to detect infection
  • Wear a face mask when moving around, for example when we go in and out of church

1 meter distance

We all advise to keep a distance of one meter. In addition, the government has adopted restrictions on the number of people who can be grouped into one room. The number of rooms that can be collected in a church varies from church room to church room, because some church rooms are large and powerful – others are small and intimate.

In some places there will be a registration for Christmas services. Feel free to take a look at the website of the church where you live, to see what applies to where you live.

Stay tuned locally

Municipalities themselves can adopt stricter infection control rules than national ones. So there may be local variations to which the rules apply. If you are in doubt as to what applies to where you live, you can contact the church locally.

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Find your event on skerikyrkja.no

Skjerikyrkja.no is the Norwegian Church’s overview of the events and activities where you live. Here you will find everything from traditional Christmas services to beautiful Christmas parties and Christmas walks. See full overview at skerikyrkja.no.

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