June 6, 2023


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Show of strength by Carlsen - world champion after a new Russian giant foul: - Hair Raising Games - VG

Show of strength by Carlsen – world champion after a new Russian giant foul: – Hair Raising Games – VG

World Champion: Magnus Carlsen won the World Chess Classic in Dubai 2021.

DUBAI/OSLO (VG) (Jan Nepomnjasjtsjij-Magnus Carlsen 0–1, total 3.5–7.5) Jan Nepomnjasjtsjij (31) rocks the chess world once again. Magnus Carlsen (31) took advantage of the Russian’s mistake and became the world champion in classic chess


Of course, I am very happy to retain the title. It was a very good achievement overall. There was a slight mistake and I was focused on the board. I didn’t make any rash decisions, Magnus Carlsen tells VG.

He is the world champion in 2021 having crushed his opponent. All three matches before the end, the World Cup match is over. Once again, he took advantage of a blunder from the opponent.

– I am glad that the match was of high quality, but the last few matches have been affected a lot by the state of the match. According to the last world champion, that usually wouldn’t be the case.

He finds it difficult to arrange his titles.

The last is always the most delicious, but I am happy with the win, Carlsen smiles.

This is his fifth World Cup title, something the basketball chess champion is marked by the image of the late Kobe Bryant:

The 23rd Nipomyashi movement was the defining moment in the Eleventh Party. The Russian took the Carlsen Tower, but could not see the Queen’s jacket coming from the Norwegian. After that, he had a bit of trouble pushing the opponent to shreds.

– That’s what Nebo will remember in this match: giant mistakes, says VG chess expert John Ludwig Hammer.

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With the black pieces, Carlsen got the ultimate winner.

Jean collapsed in a way no one expected, great American educator Hans Niemann tells VG.

“For everyone with eyes, this is a disaster,” the seventh best player in the world, Anish Giri, said of the Russia match.

This is the third match in the World Cup where Nepomnyashi commits an unforgivable foul that Carlsen punishes and is assured of victory.

– There were hair-raising matches for “Nebo” in the second half of the World Cup match. It is completely incomprehensible, Hammer thinks about the game of the Russians.

Carlsen and Nepomnyashige sat down and talked on the board after taking each other by the hand.

– He said he was bleeding. It was very strange, and I think part of it was realizing that there would be no victory overall, says Carlsen.

This is the thirteenth time Magnus Carlsen has won the World Cup:

  • Five in Classic Chess: 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2021.
  • Five in Lightning Chess: 2009, 2014, 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • Three in rapid chess: 2014, 2015, and 2019.

Carlsen laid the foundation for the World Cup title defense with his victories in games 6, 8 and 9.

The first two pieces were won by white pieces, while match 9 was won by black pieces – after that Jan Nepomnyasheg made a mistake.

There is a limit to the number of fouls you can allow in a World Cup match. Friday’s mistake was the drop that made the water run over the Nepos pot.

Magnus was the best player and did incredibly well. When positions got out of balance, Magnus fared much better than Nepomnjasjtsjij, Carlsen’s Danish coach, Peter Heine Nielsen, tells VG.

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Carlsen had some difficulties with the Russian during the World Cup match.

Other matches have been more impressive in the sense that he has struggled his way out of trouble, Heine Nielsen thinks of this year’s World Cup match, when compared to matches against Fabiano Caruana, Sergey Karjakin and Vichy Anand.

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Magnus Carlsen became the second youngest-ever world champion (only Garry Kasparov was younger than him) when he beat Viswanathan Anand in Chennai in 2013. Since then, he has defended the title against Anand in 2014, against Serge Karjakin in 2016 and against Fabiano Caruana in 2018. .

The coronavirus pandemic means there will be no World Cup match in 2020, but FIDE is hoping the next World Cup final can take place in a little more than a year – as early as 2023.

The Norwegian currently holds all three World Cup titles: Classic Chess, Rapid Chess and Rapid Chess.