NASA space probe to collide with an asteroid

NASA space probe to collide with an asteroid

Sometime in the future, asteroids will hit Earth, says Pål Brekke, head of science at the Norwegian Space Center for Television 2.

In order to avoid a possible doomsday, NASA must conduct an experiment straight out of a science fiction movie.

NASA hopes to change the course of a distant asteroid in space by colliding with a space probe.

If they succeed, it could make us better prepared to defend our planet if any orb becomes a threat.

It will be very interesting to see if this can be achieved, says Bricky.

NASA calls it its first attempt at planetary defense. This asteroid is definitely not on a collision course with Earth.

Researcher: Pål Brekke is the subject manager at the Norwegian Space Centre. Photo: Kristen Groening/TV2

High speed collision

The asteroid selected for the experiment is about the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza, according to the Norwegian Space Center.

The probe, which weighs about 650 kg, will collide at tremendous speed.

It comes at 22,000 kilometers per hour, says Brick.

A simple change in the asteroid’s path may be enough.

Even a small change can be what saves the earth if we look forward in time, says Breck.

Demorphos, as the asteroid is called, orbits the much larger asteroid Didymos.

The collision is expected to extend this path for a few minutes.

cost more than three billion

The space probe, dubbed DART, has been traveling toward its target since November last year.

The ship has a price tag of $330 million, roughly 3.5 billion Norwegian kroner, according to Watchman.

At a distance of 11 million kilometers from Earth, it will collide with Demorphos.

The collision is expected to occur shortly after 01:00 am Norwegian time on Tuesday evening.

Along the journey, there is also a nano-satellite that will document the unique experience.

It will photograph the explosion and the expected crater in the asteroid. NASA promises to deliver stunning images.

At a later time, new vessels will come out to investigate how the experiment may affect the trajectory of Dimorphos in the coming years.

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