Oscars 2023 reveals more Will Smith jokes:

Oscars 2023 reveals more Will Smith jokes:

On Monday night, the stage is set for the film industry’s most important award ceremony.

Jimmy Kimmel, 55, was the host during this year’s Academy Awards. Before handing out the first prize, Kimmel poked fun at last year’s big scandal.

– If someone in this theater wants to commit a violent act…then you’ll get an Oscar for Best Actor!

The host hinted at last year’s awards show, where Will Smith (54) beat out Chris Rock (57) for the Oscars in 2022.

That same evening, Smith was awarded Best Actor of the Year.

Watch the fight in the video below.

Choose only the best

When Kimmel was introducing the nominees for Best Documentary Feature, he told the following joke:

— I hope it goes through without any problems this time, or at least without a “hit” and a glimpse of Smith’s 2005 romantic comedy.

– Please keep your hands to yourselves, go on.

according to diverse Several jokes at Will Smith’s expense are said to have been cut from broadcasts.

In an interview with Variety, the producer in charge of this year’s Oscars, Molly McNearney, 45, explains why the presenter didn’t come out harsher against the actor.

– We didn’t want this year’s award to be almost like last year’s, McNearney says in the interview.

– You’ve lost count of our Will Smith jokes.

– I think we’re still a little bit shocked

On top of that, McNerney says they’ve finally gotten rid of most of the jokes.

– We chose only the best. Surely there were others who were tougher, but it wasn’t appropriate for us to make jokes, she says and continues:

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– It should be Chris Rock, not us (who tells jokes, .anm magazines).

The producer, who is married to presenter Jimmy Kimmel, says it’s still important for the production to acknowledge the incident.

— I think we’re still a little bummed about how that happened, she shares in Variety.

Married: Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney met when they worked together on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. The couple has been married since 2013. Photo: DANNY MOLOSHOK

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