He reveals roles in “Long Flat Balls 3”

He reveals roles in "Long Flat Balls 3"

Flat Long Balls was a huge hit when it was released in 2006. The low-budget movie with Ostfold actors took Norway hard, and 260,000 Norwegians saw the film in cinemas.

In addition, the first and second films became the best-selling DVD in Norway when the films were released.

Confirmed trees

There has been long talk of three, and earlier this year Harald Zwart finally confirmed the news.

– Now we get back to the core of the work and focus on the guys in the garage. Now they are rooted in alcohol smuggling, and it would have gone well – had greed not prevailed. We have a good concept and final scenario. “Now we just hope that the coronavirus situation will not put an end to registration plans this fall,” said Harald Zwart. VG in February.

Celebrity customs officers

Now the shooting is well done in Østfold, and, as in previous films, Zwart has brought with him a number of celebrities. On Friday, Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen and Harald Rønneberg posted photos on Instagram outside of the legend “Edgarasjen”.

– That’s so much fun. I didn’t really have the time, but I managed to make it happen. It’s almost conscription in Fredrikstad when the “flat long balls” ring, as Thorbjørnsen tells Good night Norway.

He and Runeberg play customs officers.

– We have a lot of experience with smuggling, but not from this aspect, laughs Thorbjørnsen.

– We’ll be recording some scenes in Lithuania this fall as well. I would say that we have very important roles, and it is difficult to do without them. But how many minutes, I do not know, says the artist.

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Zwart also posted a picture with the two stars on Instagram.

Dreaming of more acting

Thorbjørnsen remembers the first films well, and thinks it’s great to be part of the trio.

– They were so big when they arrived. There were gig performances, and Hollywood stars in Blank City. Movies are a very big part of modern Ostfold culture, says Staisman.

He previously had a small role in the NRK series “Rådebank”.

– I think acting is fun, so I have an ambition to one day play a feature film. It’s a dream I have, reveals the 39-year-old from Fredrikstad.

Long Flat Balls 3 will be released in March 2022.

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