Ene Janssen: – Never

Ene Janssen: – Never

Before long, the new TV series “Purk” will be on screen. The crime comedy revolves around Detective Lisa's search for her husband, who has disappeared.

The main role was played by the well-known actress Ine Janssen (50 years old).

– Jealous of myself

– She's probably looking for her husband in somewhat unconventional ways. He may act more like a man than a woman at times, Janssen says of the character when Se og Hør met her during the series' press launch.

The cast includes names such as Lars Byrom (37 years old), Junis Joseph (32 years old), Annette Huff (62 years old), and Tone Danielsen (77 years old).

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-This was a very fun project. It was very wide-ranging – we came from different parts of the acting industry, both from the National Theater and comedians, so it was a mixture of that and we learned a lot from each other. “You always learn a lot from people who do it differently,” Jansen says.

– I hope we landed well.

Colleagues: Ine Jansen and Jonis Josef play against each other in the new TV series 2.  Photo: Shad Madian/Photomad/Si Oj Hour

Colleagues: Ine Jansen and Jonis Josef play against each other in the new TV series 2. Photo: Shad Madian/Photomad/Si Oj Hour
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Janssen has been an actress for a number of years, but that doesn't necessarily mean she sits on the couch watching the productions she herself is a part of.

- A bit strange

– A bit strange

– I mostly watch what I'm involved in, but not necessarily when it's on TV. It's more about post-production, if something is going to be voiced or something like that. In the last projects I worked on, I was very involved from the beginning in the script and so on, so it was natural for me to follow it until the end, she says.

– But I don't turn off the pizza and call the teams, no! She says, laughing, before continuing:

– That will never happen.

Screams: In the first episode of the new reality show “The Game,” Annette Huff experiences some unpleasant feelings. Reporter: Leif Malin Skodj Video: Red Runner / Leif Malin Skodj Video: TV 2
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She also says that encouraging others to look at the projects she's involved in, she thinks, can be a bit difficult.

– I mean I do, on social media and things like that. But I think it's a bit mixed up, I can be a bit shy of saying 'look at this guys, here I come!', maybe there's some brake in me about that.

- Many big challenges

– Many big challenges

– Yes, because it was probably something we've been working on for several years, so it's nice that someone wants to see it too, she says with a laugh.

– But not without trouble, from time to time, promoting himself.

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