Three new infectious diseases in mold –

The Maltese municipality writes this in one Sunday Newsletter.

Three new cases of infection were reported on Sunday.

– Two of them were close contacts of the victim recorded on Saturday, and one was fully vaccinated. The municipality has so far identified 19 close contacts with one of the victims, and infection monitoring is still ongoing, the municipality writes.

Isolation was not fully vaccinated

– Many close contacts are not fully vaccinated or protected. “We can no longer impose segregation on them,” said Maurice DeGeneres, chief municipal officer.

However, the municipality encourages the isolation of all close contacts and should test themselves for minor symptoms of the disease.

Connected with previous eruptions

The third case is linked to a previous explosion in Moldova.

– The person involved was already in isolation and has now been transferred to isolation. The case does not trigger any new close contacts and infection monitoring is complete, writes Mold Municipality, and reminds one meter away of the rules of good hand hygiene.

Stay home with little cold symptoms and have a low threshold to test yourself, Hawk encourages. She also recalls the rule of using masks in situations where a meter cannot be placed at a distance.

The municipality of Moldova has 26 registered corona cases in August.

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