Traffic Reports, Lightning and Thunder | There will be lightning and thunder this afternoon

Traffic Reports, Lightning and Thunder |  There will be lightning and thunder this afternoon

Today, Tuesday June 20, the observer may have noticed a rarity – lightning and thunder – listed in Yr in the Mo I Rana weather forecast.

Early this morning, meteorologists have already announced a risk of lightning and thunder in Trøndelag today.

– This is now being extended to include the southern parts of Nordland, including Mo i Rana, says Marek Ratajczak, state meteorologist on duty in Ververslinga, northern Norway, up to Rana Plat.

The Met Office has already reported lightning and thunder in Troms and Finnmark this morning, but the thunderstorms further north are unrelated to Helgeland this afternoon.

– An inland afternoon shower is due for Nordland later today.

– At this point, can you say anything about how much lightning is involved, and especially when thunderstorms are expected to come into Helgeland?

– It’s hard to estimate how much will arrive, you don’t know in advance. A full danger warning applies to southern parts of Trøndelag and Nordland from 1400 to 2200 tonight. It is hard to say when it will hit Nord-Helgeland and Mo i Rana. Also, it’s usually hard to get a good idea of ​​afternoon showers, so it’s not certain that everyone will be where you see the lightning.

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– What precautions should you take if you are going to be outside during a thunderstorm?

– You should not be near a high place, so if you can, avoid being near open plains or big trees, and don’t bathe in water.

If you want to follow where lightning strikes, you can do so in real time here. Scroll and zoom to get the view you want.

All data are taken from Meteorological Institute’s own service You can see this service in the window above – you can follow in real time when lightning strikes.


The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has now issued a warning. It reads as follows:

There is a risk of local lightning and thunder associated with afternoon showers, mainly in the interior of Trondheim and Nordland on Tuesday afternoon and evening. There will be large local variations in intensity, and some areas will not experience thunderstorms at all. The risk decreases first in the south.


Thunderstorms will bring locally strong winds of 15-25 m/s. Risk of damage to object(s) as a result of lightning. Electricity and TV/Internet may be affected. Lightning strikes can lead to fires in buildings and forests/vegetation.


Keep up to date with weather and weather forecast developments. Follow Weather Radar or Assess the need for preventive measures. Unplug electrical appliances. Adjust speed according to driving conditions. Find shelter. Avoid open plains and large trees. Do not swim or bathe.

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