Celine Dion’s sister with new update on illness

Celine Dion’s sister with new update on illness

Before Christmas, artist Celine Dion (55) shared the news that she had to cancel her European tour.

The reason is that he suffers from what is known in Norway as “stiff-person syndrome” or autoimmune stiffness syndrome.

- This is unfair

– This is unfair

This syndrome causes stiffness, painful spasms and cramps that make it difficult to undertake such a tour.

All shows in both 2023 and 2024 have been cancelled.

The artist’s sister, Claudette Dion, 74, recently revealed how things are really going with the songbird.

In a new interview with a French website Showbiz Can she reveal that Celine is mentally strong and full of life and passion?

– She is not depressed, says Claudette.

Sharing a family picture is rare

Sharing a family picture is rare

He takes the opportunity to speak out against the misinformation being spread. Claudette believes she has seen false claims about her sister’s health.

– Why do people say she is in a wheelchair? Why is she being told she has cancer? Why did you invent such things? she asks.

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– It’s absolutely certain that she wants to come back, she adds, adding that she’s keeping her fingers crossed for her sister.

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