– Unbearable – NRK Troms and Finnmark

– Unbearable – NRK Troms and Finnmark

Clarification: An earlier version of this article stated that Foss and Gilbert had given up on entering Gaza. The right thing is that they are returning home now, but they will still struggle to get in.

-We are uDelay entry until we get the green light. We will not enter now, but we will fight to enter Gaza again “The bitter end,” Eric Voss tells NRK.

Vos said he would go home on Thursday, and Mads Gilbert would go home on Saturday.

Doctors say the situation in Gaza is desperate now, and that there is a huge need for supplies and assistance.

They tried to get into a Norwegian delegation from the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC).

They have been trying for two weeks to enter Gaza to help the Palestinian health care system, which is under severe pressure.

The Norwegian delegation from the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC) has been waiting in Cairo for two weeks.

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– Egyptian authorities today informed the NORWAC surgical team heading to Gaza that we will not be allowed to enter Gaza now due to the security situation, Foss wrote to NRK.

More than 2,000 children were killed

On October 7, Hamas fighters attacked Israel, killing more than 1,400 people and taking at least 220 hostage.

Israel responded with intense bombing of the Gaza Strip, which has so far killed more than 5,700 people. More than 2,000 of them are children.

The reason Gilbert and his colleagues did not enter Gaza is because the Sinai Desert is closed by the Egyptian authorities. Without being able to cross it, they cannot reach the Rafah border crossing.

– Not even a drop in the ocean

As of the end of the week, no emergency aid had been allowed into Gaza since before the October 7 attack.

According to the United Nations, the region’s two million people depend on 100 trucks of food, water, medical equipment and fuel every day.

At the end of the week, 34 trucks finally arrived. Several media outlets reported on Monday that at least a dozen trucks had been allowed to enter.

When NRK spoke with Gilbert on Monday, he said there were absolutely minimal amounts of emergency aid.

Mads Gilbert hopes that he will soon be allowed to enter Gaza.

Mads Gilbert hopes that he will soon be allowed to enter Gaza.

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-It’s not even a drop in the ocean.

– They must have fuel for generators so that ventilators, incubators, operating lights and other medical equipment can continue to operate.

He says the blockade must be lifted, as Norwegian authorities are also demanding.

No emergency aid arrived in the Gaza Strip from Egypt on Tuesday, NTB reported.

I got the video of the attack

The doctor says that his colleagues in Gaza warn that they lack everything. Hospitals are crowded with the wounded and thousands of internally displaced Palestinian refugees.

At the end of the week, Gilbert received a video from a colleague at Al-Quds Hospital. It shows how rockets fall in the area surrounding the hospital.

Gilbert believes that Israel is attacking these areas to intimidate hospital staff.

Watch the video here:

Gilbert says health workers in Gaza are now on the verge of being completely exhausted.

Our colleagues have worked day and night for two weeks, with great concern for the lives of their families hanging over them.

– must be done

Gilbert points out that many of the several thousand wounded will need intensive and long-term treatment.

It is unbearable to sit and watch what is happening in Gaza now, says Gilbert.

– This has to end. It is not just a humanitarian crisis, it is one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of modern times.

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