Aurora Goode talks about the return of Paradise Hotel:

Aurora Goode talks about the return of Paradise Hotel:

Influencers and TV presenter Aurora Judd (31) entertained and astonished viewers when she took part in “Paradise Hotel” in 2014. In the end, she won the Ballon d’Or in hand, and has since continued her career. To the delight of Norwegians in a number of reality shows.

Transformation: – No need to save

Recently, there was news that Judd will return in “Paradise Hotel” in 2024, ten years after his TV win.

– very fun

In the upcoming season of Scandal, there is a good mix of well-known and unknown TV faces.

Viewers will be reunited with, among others, Johannes Magnussen (27) from Season 13, Mario Riera (25) from Season 11, and Martin Sjohag (29) from Season 7.

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– What was really fun for me was going out there and being in the game. I have to admit that I thought those who were new students were simply not fully involved. “They don't understand what's going on here,” Jude explains to Dagbladet.

– I almost feel like “I'm in control here,” and I can sit on my ass and witness everything that happens. Then I may have to pull one string to get my way.

- Will you be my friend?

– Will you be my friend?

The 31-year-old can promise “Paradise Hotel” fans a season full of drama and emotion.

– There will be drama and tears, everything you missed.

– The chapter is over

When Judd was asked how things are going off of TV, she replied that there are many things she has to deal with.

-Love is a battle. But I am always open to love, which is the greatest driving force we experience and is present in everything that exists.

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– But can you imagine a girlfriend, then?

– I want a girlfriend.

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However, that is not God's focus at the moment.

– I will focus on self-love, then I will not back down from any of my exes.

Developing self-love will be even more important for the influencer in 2024.

-I'm going to meditate a lot because I lost myself last year, which is very sad. “The idea is that I will find myself again and do more of what I love, and then I will build up a good supply of Cerintonin,” she explains.

Expect children

Expect children

– Last year was a very busy year, there was a lot of work in addition to other things. The problem is that when you give too much of yourself, suddenly there's not much to give of yourself. I have to make sure I'm there for myself and not just for everyone around me.

The TV star also wants to move out of her home in Leer within the year.

– I don't know where is closer to the city. I live in a somewhat rural area at the moment, so I think I'll have to move. The chapter ends at Tranby in Lier.

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-I'm very intuitive, and I think I'm a bit of a clairvoyant. Then I had an epiphany one day that I had to move. I had a really good time, but I know this chapter is over.

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