News, Culture | Atle Antonsen after the TV break: – I did a lot of stupid things

News, Culture |  Atle Antonsen after the TV break: – I did a lot of stupid things

Drama theatre (Netafsen): There’s no doubt that last year was like that violent By comedian and actor Atle Antonsen (54).

In November last year, it became known that Antonsen had become I informed the police Because of the hate speech of Sumaya Jerdi Ali (26). Antonsen was then taken off the television screen and Radio program The “mission” he leads with Johan Golden (49).

After a two-month break, the 54-year-old returned to the radio show, but has not appeared on television since. It became, among other things replacing Written by Bard Yilvisaker (41 years old) on the Discovery show “Kongen Befaler” last season.

Atle Antonsen fled the country: – I was very ashamed

Thursday evening it was Antonsen behind On television, he played the role of “The King” in the famous comedy show Aftermath We talked a lot about the Bar Boca case had become Projection In January.

– It is very nice to be back. It’s a great program to record, especially with the group here, Antonsen told Nettavisen immediately after recording the first program of the season earlier this week.

Joking about absence

There is great excitement about Antonsen’s return as king on the show, and many have wondered how he will handle the return.

Ole Wermskog on Atle Antonsen’s return: – No matter your answer, it will be strange

Especially after Antonsen during Discovery’s fall launch in August, it was very so Floor button About what he was up to last year, and he doesn’t comment on it anymore.

However, during the taping of the first program for “Kongen befaler” this week, it looks like Antonsen is ready for a TV comeback. With his partner Ole Wermskog (37), they even joke about Antonsen’s absence last season.

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When asked by Wermskog what Antonsen had been doing since he was last seen on the show, Antonsen responded as follows:

– I’ve done a lot of stupid things myself, Ollie.

Do as the king says

There is no doubt that Antonsen was in the hot water again, and Wirmskog told Nettavisen that he would love for Antonsen to return to the throne.

– He’s really nice. Here in Drammen he and I mainly work together, and the atmosphere in the theater is actually very good, so it’s nice. He’s one of the most professional people in the country, so that’s nice, Wirmskog says.

In the previous season of “Kongen befaler”, when Bård Ylvisåker sat on the throne, many viewers noted that Wermskog had to do a little more than he did under King Antonsen’s regime.

Feels discriminated against by friend: – Provocative

However, we cannot expect that to happen this season.

– That’s the end of it now, Antonsen says, laughing.

– Our interaction is that you do what I say, right? he adds quizzically in Wermskog’s direction.

– I should answer yes to that. I can’t do anything else, Wermskog answers, earning a good laugh from Antonsen.

A failed attempt at sarcasm

As mentioned, it was Atle Antonsen It has been reviewed One dimension It happened At Bar Boca nightclub in Oslo in October last year.

There, among other things, he was said to have behaved in a threatening manner and made racist remarks against social debater, writer and poet Sumaya Jirdi Ali. It was Ali himself who reported the TV dossier for hate speech and reckless behaviour.

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Among other things, Antonsen allegedly asked Ali if she wasn’t “too dark” to be there, as well as acting threateningly toward her.

After that Antonsen came out and Sorry Even event RepeatedlyAfter the accident, he stated that he had to do so Reconsider the relationship Sitting for alcohol.

When he returned to the P4 program “The Mission” after a long break, Antonsen and his partner Johan Gulden devoted the entire first part of the episode to talking about what happened in Bar Boca.

-I spent the last time continuing my education. “I received my latest promotion from Fool to Fool Crown,” Antonsen said.

– I felt very ashamed because I did not leave the house. He further said, “I don’t want to go to the store or meet the neighbors or anything.”

The prosecutor eventually dropped the case, believing the 53-year-old’s statements against Ali were a “failed attempt to mock racism.”

In addition, it was said that there were several “points in the case indicating that the statement was not seriously intended,” and pointed to Antonsen’s statements.

– As the Public Prosecutor pointed out in the closing, Sumaya Jerde Ali based her complaint on the basis that Antonsen tried to be funny. Other witnesses explained the same thing. Antonsen is also relieved that the prosecutor believes there is also no basis for concluding that he acted aggressively, defender Marianne Clausen said in a statement to NTB after the close.

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