“The Crown” – Filming has stopped

"The Crown" - Filming has stopped

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): The screenwriter behind “The Queen” and then “The Crown” series, Peter Morgan, has announced that they will stop filming the latter after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

“The Crown” is a love letter to her, and I have nothing to add now but silence and respect. I expect we’ll stop filming out of respect for her too, Morgan wrote in another email Limit After the death of Queen Elizabeth on Thursday.

The sixth season of the hugely popular Netflix series is currently in production. The series follows the Queen throughout her life.

the crown: The fourth season of the series about Queen Elizabeth’s reign has finally arrived in the ’80s and the relationship between Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Video: Netflix
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Netflix has always had plans for what to do if the elderly Queen actually dies while the series is still in production, Deadline writes.

One of the creators behind the series, Stephen Daldry, announced already in 2016 that they would stop filming if the Queen died.

None of us knows when it will happen, but it would be right and proper to show respect to the Queen. It would be a simple greeting and a sign of respect. She’s a global figure and that’s what we have to do. Daldry said at the time that she was an extraordinary woman and people would be angry.

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