Terje Strømdahl plays Tom Hagen in the Netflix series about the Lørenskog affair – VG

Terje Strømdahl plays Tom Hagen in the Netflix series about the Lørenskog affair - VG

Recording of the television series about Lørenskog’s disappearance has begun. The first pictures show Terry Stromdahl (69) as Tom Hagen (71).


VGTV was on Lørenskog on Tuesday regarding the fact that it is almost three years since Anne-Elisabeth Hagen Disappeared from his home in Slovenia 4.

At the Shell Station in Skårer by Knatten in Lørenskog, it turns out that the recording of the TV series about the mystery is in full swing.

by Tom Hagen He met the police here on October 31, 2018, he brought with him five A4 sheets of text that he explained he had found at home that afternoon. This is the scene being filmed now, with Terje Strømdahl as Hagen.

Monster executive producer Håkon Briseid confirms to VGTV that the Netflix series is being taped at the gas station, but would not comment on Strømdahl’s role.

When asked by VGTV if Stromdale will play Tom Hagen, Pressed only replied:

– He is one of the actors who will be with them, but I do not comment on individual roles.

Briseid states that registration will last two months, and that the launch will be during 2022. Otherwise, the manufacturer is not polished:

– We said everything we wanted to say this time, and now we need calm and serenity to complete the recording.

VG has been in contact via SMS with Strømdahl. He also does not want to confirm, but points to Presid.

Tom Hagen is He was charged with premeditated murder or complicity in the murder of his wifeBut he denies any criminal guilt.

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VETERAN Actor: Terje Strømdahl, here during an interview with VG in 2018.

Strømdahl is known through a large number of films and TV series, such as “Taxi”, “Portveien 2”, “Halvbroren”, “Mammon”, “Hotel Cæsar”, “Wisting” and “Post Mortem: Ingen dör på Skarnes”. The actor, who is also a veteran on stage, will soon appear in the movie “The Judas Effect”.

Screenwriter Nikolaj Frobenius Aftenposten At the end of September, the series is not about the issue of guilt, but specifically about how an unresolved problem affects and helps shape our perceptions.

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Frobenius believes that the series will stand regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

Stephen Olander is also a screenwriter. Gilgit Berisha and Eric Schgoldbjerg live. It is already known that Henrik Rafaelsen Wingfield Grottmüll, Victoria Osei and Christian Rubik are in the cast.

The series creators have explained to Aftenposten The Hagen family is aware of the series.

Attorney Sven Holden, defending Tom Hagen, told the newspaper in September that there was no doubt that such a series would place an enormous burden on my clients.

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