Camp Culinaris, Ferndale Line | Line Ferndale 'disappeared' from TV recording: – I can't say much about that

Camp Culinaris, Ferndale Line |  Line Ferndale 'disappeared' from TV recording: – I can't say much about that

In Tuesday's episode of “Camp kulinaris”, outcast Gunilla Persson (65) was not the only one missing from the participant's Portor home in Kragero. The same applies to Line Ferndale (52 years old), who was forced to withdraw from the television competition for personal reasons.

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Viewers can't figure out why or when the actor “disappeared”, but the remaining celebrity participants are making no secret that they think it's sad that Ferndale has had to pull out.

Ferndale himself thought so too, who would have liked to stay longer.

– It was difficult to leave the group. “I wanted to stay there longer and learn how to cook from Kjartan,” she told Netafisin.

– It is not difficult

Line Ferndale doesn't want to get into why she had to return home, but leaving was clearly the right choice.

– I can't say much about it, because it's not about me. So I can't go into what it was about. But I had to leave suddenly and quickly, and that decision wasn't hard to make — even though it was very difficult to leave, she says.

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Ferndale does not hide the fact that she has considered participating and taking chances in the past.

-I'm a person who likes to finish things. I'm also a bit curious about how far I can go, she admits.

– But I won't know that, she adds and laughs.

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Jonas Müller, software editor at Viaplay, opens the door to a possible comeback or some sort of revenge in the future.

– Unfortunately, Line had to return home from Portor due to personal reasons. We hope to see her with us in Portør again, the program editor wrote in an email to Nettavisen.

Thank you in the end yes

Ferndale's involvement may have come as a surprise to many. Except for participating in Shall We Dance in 2014, Ferndale has never agreed to participate in a reality show.

Nettavisen previously wrote that Verndal deliberately refused for several years.

“I think I've been asked about almost every TV concept, and I've always said no,” she said.

The reason was, among other things, that the actress prioritized spending time with her daughter, as well as that she was not very happy with the publication about her character on television.

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But when she first had to say yes to something, Camp Culinares became a natural choice.

-I'm not very happy with the competition system and the pointed elbows. This is a competition, but it feels more like a collaboration. She believes you are working towards a goal together.

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