Ulrikke Brandstorp shares a sad message: “I’m so sorry…”

Ulrikke Brandstorp shares a sad message: "I'm so sorry..."

The coronavirus now appears to be having its last victory and spreading one by one, but fortunately most people are only showing mild symptoms this time around.

The positive thing now is that this enduring epidemic appears to be finally coming to an end.

The country is opening up, you can go to restaurants and cinemas, shows and concerts can again receive the public.

This year, the popular musical “Mamma Mia!” In the popular theater after becoming open Repeatedly.

In one of the main roles, we find talented artist Ulrikke Brandstorp as “Sophie”, who yesterday took to Instagram to share a quick message with her followers.

but “grandmother”

The 26-year-old is perhaps best known for her participation in the 2020 Melody Grand Prix, where she won the song “Attention”. Unfortunately, the win ended in a major setback when the Eurovision Song Contest final was canceled due to the Corona pandemic.

The year was still better than expected for Brandstorp, after a few months she won the first season maskurama On NRK disguised as “The Troll”.

And as recently as last year, we could see Ulrikke fighting through various military exercises in the popular series Kompani Lauritzen on TV 2.

In secret, it seems as if the young artist is doing a very good job. In the summer of 2020, I was able to reveal that I got a boyfriend.

In November 2021 buy an apartment Together, the parents of a very cute dog named Onyx of the Staffordshire breed.

In June of the same year, Ulrike was also able to report that she “became a grandmother”, at that time Onyx had small dogs.

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So it seems that life has been very beautiful for the young artist lately.

may not lead

But as we all know, there are ups and downs in daily life that we must go through.

And yesterday, Brandstorp shared boring news on his Instastory, where you can only post visuals for 24 hours.

She first shares a photo from the sofa where the artist is lying under the blanket and the cute little dog Onyx is next to her.

She has the following message regarding the results: «I’m at home with Corona, and Onyx is watching🧡 »

Like many others, the artist is now infected with Corona.

A little later I shared two more excerpts:

Screenshot: Instagram /ulrikkeofficial

Unfortunately, Brandstorp says she was not allowed to play Sophie in the Mamma Mia musical because she was ill.

The following is written at the bottom of the syllables:

«I’m so sorry I didn’t play Mamma Mia! yesterday❤️ »

«Unfortunately, I won’t be playing today either, but I’ll be back tomorrow 💪🏻🧡 »

She had to miss the musical on Wednesday and Thursday this week, but she’s hoping to come back stronger again today.

We hope you’re doing well again now Ulrikke so you can be a part of the musical! If not, we wish you a really good recovery!

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