Dennis Farred has to leave the dance floor tonight

Dennis Farred has to leave the dance floor tonight

After seven weeks of intense work, Dennis Farred becomes the fifth celebrity to leave Shall We Dance 2021.

-It’s of course very sad, but I’m proud to have reached the halfway mark, said YouTuber Dennis Vareide (31) when he was told he had to leave the contest.

The 31-year-old ended up in a duel with influencer and artist Royan Harakati, but lost the duel.

Altogether, he’s proud to have come this far, and will celebrate the loss with a bottle of champagne. The YouTuber is glad he thanked “Yes” for the post, as Shall We Dance’s post also improved his condition.

– Now I have six small packs, he says to TV 2.

He’s betting that it will be more visible by summer.

“I will start with PT classes and will train for the 2022 summer body,” he adds.

10 + 10 + 10

This is the first time in a Skal vi danse season that the judges have awarded a full pot, i.e. a full 30 points. And there were many celebrities who admired tonight. Simon Nietzsche and Helen Spelling blew the referees off the field and earned 30 points.

“That’s one of the most beautiful I’ve seen,” Morten Hegseth said after dancing to Simon and Helen.

– Trine Dehli Cliff added, There are very few people who have been able to dance to a story like I did.

Simon and Helen’s dance was a tribute to their ancestors who played a pivotal role in their career choices, but are no longer alive. Simon who became a sports announcer on TV 2 and Helen who today works as a professional dancer.

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Siri Avlesen-Østli was also praised for her efforts. They also got a bowl full!

– What I’ve seen now is Hegest’s comment after the dance is over.


Saturday was also very special for the skier, Maren Lundby. NSAfter the dance, even tears started to roll down my cheeks.

He was a clearly noticeable athlete we saw dancing on the floor. On Thursday afternoon it became known that The Winter Olympics will be held without Maren Lundby, which was a difficult choice for the athlete. Her dance was dedicated to the Olympic decision.

The 27-year-old also impressed the judges.

– I loved him, cried Hegseth.

Tonight’s dancer:

And so the seventh round of Shall We Dance included a lot of emotions and powerful moments, with the theme of the evening being the choice of celebrities.

Set a benchmark for the evening: – You started the show in a great way

Rowen and Olly dance to Shakira’s Eyes Like Yours. Today, Royan has returned to her Moroccan roots. Her father is Spanish and her mother is Moroccan, and in dancing she wanted to highlight her roots that she was proud of.

Tears rolled down my cheek: – I loved it!

Marinette and Philip danced to the tunes Smile in Your Own Mirror by Chris Holston. On Thursday afternoon it became known that The Winter Olympics will be held without Maren Lundby. Which was a tough choice for an athlete.

“Dancing is very closely related to this state here, and therefore I hope to bring out some of what I feel in it,” she told TV 2.

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I got mixed reactions

Magnus and Ewa dance on Alive by Daughtry. Magnus Moan says he chose it because it’s a good song with impact. He interpreted the text as relating to the climate and the state of the earth. Both he and his dance partner Ewa Trilla have children, and say they think a lot about how they will have their children in the future.

They wanted to show through the dance that there was still hope for the future.

Simon and Helen dance in front of a grandfather in the life of Odd Nordstoga. With the song, they wanted to honor their grandparents. They both have grandparents who greatly supported them in their career choices, but are no longer alive.

I got a bowl full: – Some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen

Become Spider-Man: – You walk the steps more than you dance

Dennis and Lillian dance to Michael Buble’s Spiderman Theme. I’ve loved Dennis Spiderman since he was little. Spider-Man, the “ordinary” guy who helped his neighborhood and took care of everything.

Referees in excitement to dance on Vinnie

Vinnie and Ricky chose to dance to the Carousel by Hilda Silvikvag. Vinny thinks Carousel describes well how it feels to be a part of Skal vi Danse. There are a lot of feelings that go up and down. It is generally believed that life is a bit like a carousel, you indulge in people who play well along the way.

Praise in the clouds

Siri and Tarji dance to I Wanna Be Your Slave by Moonlight. Siri chose the Eurovision song to honor women working in male-dominated occupations. She wanted to show how hard it is to work in male-dominated professions, something she herself faced.

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