Robbie Williams and Aida Field’s baby has to fly alone

Robbie Williams and Aida Field’s baby has to fly alone

Artist and billionaire Robbie Williams (49 years old) often travels with his wife Ayda Field (44 years old). The couple sees no reason not to indulge in luxury in their daily lives, and always travels first class.

But when their four children accompany them on the trip, it’s a different story — at least for them.

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Because while mom and dad are enjoying the peace and quiet in the huge luxury seats at the front of the plane, Teddy (11), Charlie (9), daughter Coco (5) and youngest son Beau (3) have to content themselves with relaxing together at the back of the plane in Economy class – hopefully with a nanny or two.

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-My kids learn that this is where they have to sit on planes so they can choose where they want to sit. “We are not interested in raising spoiled children,” she told the Sunday Times.

When a family is on a trip, it is done so that the family goes their separate ways in the airport lounge, hopefully without too much fuss.

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-Children travel in economy class when we are on flights. We turn left, they turn right out of the plane. In fact, it’s a bit scary. Maybe people think I’m really mean, Aida continues.

She explains that the whole thing is well thought out, and hopefully it will contribute to making children realistic even if the parents are wealthy celebrities.

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