The ‘Love Island’ couple reveals they’ve separated – midway through their pregnancy

The ‘Love Island’ couple reveals they’ve separated – midway through their pregnancy

In June, Swedish ‘Love Island’ couple Nicci Hernestig (24) and Andreas Dick (27) shared the happy news that they are going to be parents for the first time.

About the diagnosis: – Very painful

It wasn’t planned by the couple, and the pregnancy came as a huge surprise to them. Hernsteig suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which makes it difficult to conceive.

She had also previously been told that she would not be able to become pregnant.

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So love seemed to blossom for al-Yamam, but unfortunately it did not, he writes Express.

- He got married

– He got married

The couple now confirms that they have chosen to go their separate ways – midway through their pregnancy. They share the news on Instagram.

“Sometimes things happen in life that aren’t quite what you imagined them to be, for better or for worse,” Hernsteig opens the post with.

And she also wrote that now some things seem like endless emptiness and sadness.

“I hope you will look back on this time as wonderful, and how incredible it is to create a little miracle. Anyway, I consider the little girl in my womb to be the best thing that ever happened to me, and I miss her so much. With these words, I want to say that I And Andreas is no longer together.”

Dick has also commented on the violation.

Life now puts us to a test, and we have to pass it. The positive thing is that we will have a daughter. Time will tell what the future looks like. We learn from everything. “We are only human,” he writes, before concluding that they are not friends at all.

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As it is known, the duo met during the “Love Island” program in Sweden earlier this year, and soon became lovers. They were the last “surviving” couple of the season. Now everyone has put an end to it.

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