May 29, 2023


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Serbia attracts attention at Eurovision:

Serbia attracts attention at Eurovision:

Many may have baffled their heads as to why Serbian Eurovision contributor Constructa was washing their hands, suddenly singing about Duchess Meghan Markle’s healthy hair.

Thursday night, Serbian Konstrakta became one of the ten contributions that Qualified for the finals from the second semi-finals. After the semi-finals and dress rehearsal before the grand final, “In Corpore Sano” made an impact on the bookmakers. From tenth to sixth rank.

Health has become a duty

The performance may sound a little strange, but according to the artist herself, Anna Oreo, both the stage show and the song contain many important underlying messages. In short, the song is critical of both today’s beauty ideals and the health industry.

The title of the song “In Corpore Sano” is Latin and can be translated to “In a healthy body”. under one Press Conference In Turin, Konsrakta tried to explain in more detail what the song is really about.

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Health has become a duty in today’s society, and it is a little difficult to follow all the tips and rules. We are a bit confused by all the information out there, which also explains completely different ways for us to be healthy, as she explains in Interview.

girl’s face: Sweden tends to get what it wants when it comes to Eurovision – but that wasn’t the case when Norway did the rankings in 2010. Video: Dagbladet TV/NRK.
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I’ll let people translate for themselves

Many also believe that the song directs criticism at current health plans, such as the fact that many cannot afford good health insurance – both in Serbia and in the world.

Watch more about it in the video above the box.

The decade also notes that the obsession with achieving a “healthy” and beautiful body can throw mental health out of balance. Which may make you look healthy and refreshed on the outside, but in reality you are mentally ill.

An embarrassment: The Eurovision Song Contest created many great moments, but not all of them were entirely intended.
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The contract is relatively generic in the answers you give, and at the same time emphasizes that it is up to each individual to interpret the message of the song.

Markle is not that important

Contrakta explains that when it comes to hand washing on stage Eurovision’s website That aquarium on stage is a tool to help the audience understand the message.

– We needed a forced side during the performance, which we decided that hands should be washed, explains Constructa.

Meaning: Konstrakta says that the washbasin on stage is a tool to help the audience understand the message.  Photo: EBU

Meaning: Konstrakta says that the washbasin on stage is a tool to help the audience understand the message. Photo: EBU
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And when it comes to Meghan Markle, the answer is that the Duchess is used as an example.

Meghan Markle is not important here, but she represents all the people in the media we focus on, she says.

“Winning Sentiments”

Twitter also loves what they see and hear, with some even expressing that Serbia deserved to win.

Serbia gives me winning feelings. Very hypnotic, epic and a very creative Constructa, writes a user on a tweet, which at the time of writing has over two thousand likes.

Many also discuss the content and meaning of the lyrics.

Friendly Reminder: Serbia’s song is about the obsession with having healthy bodies and people hiding behind “health” while promoting toxic habits. It is very important and very well, writes the user.

While others may take Serbia’s stage performance a bit too literally.

– What Serbia actually said: “Wash your hands, you filthy pig,” one Twitter user wrote.