Ann Kat. Herland on the massacre: – Absolutely devastated

Ann Kat.  Herland on the massacre: – Absolutely devastated

Ann Kat. Harland (50) He was for many years a well-known and beloved figure in the Norwegian media scene.

The 50-year-old is probably known to many from NRK’s ​​hit “Nytt på Nytt”, and he’s currently with the podcast “Ann Cat about the 90s».

Accompanied by Jonas Jørstad (50), celebrity desk editor at Se og Hør and Dagbladet, the duo takes listeners on a journey through time through the 1990s, arriving this week at the final year of the decade, 1999.

In the episode, Herland talks about the time she and “Nytt på Nytt” were massacred by Dagbladet.

– completely crushed

On April 9, 1999, the NRK program was shown on Norwegian screens for the first time. Prior to the program, she was very nervous about being on NRK 1 in prime time on a Friday night.

– I was afraid that I would not be good enough for this, that everyone would be disappointed and I would be fired, she admitted on the podcast.

touch: Ann Kat. Hærland has earned the honorable mention on Gullruten. After her acceptance speech, she left the hall to collect herself. Video: Red Runner
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The day after the comedy show first aired, editors eagerly awaited the paper’s reviews.

– Then Juri Skavlan (project director, press note) picks up and calls Dagbladet down. “Hi, I’m Juri Skavlan, Project Manager at Nytt på Nytt. We were wondering if you could post a comment.” Dagbladet then replied: “Are you quite sure you want this parade now?”

The review, titled “Stomach Splash”, was faxed to the editors, and read on podcasts.

It became clear that the reviewer was not impressed, and like John Almas (55) and Knut Nerum (61), Herland was not spared the harsh judgment of journalist Haakon Moslet.

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«For Anne-Kat Hærland, the star of the show, it must now be announced that her time as a talented TV lady is over. She’s rarely so funny and to the point, and it gets serious, it’s been a long time since anyone felt the immediate pleasure of seeing her on screen».

Although she can laugh about that day, the TV profile describes the situation at the time as harsh.

2 blinder TV: Things took a bit of a quick turn when Ann Kat Herland had to answer a question about Trump live. Video: TV2 / Photo: Corinne Alice N. Skau / Wicked House / NTB. Correspondent: Jonas Andersen
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-Everyone said ‘screw it up, we believe in it and we’ll get on with it’, but I was still completely devastated that one of the biggest newspapers in the country wrote that I was completely without talent, recalls Herland, who adds that she ‘cried all the way’ to a work party at Majorstua “.

– So wrong

When Moslet was confronted with the Dagbladet massacre in 2015, the previous reviewer admitted he pulled the trigger too quickly.

– I am responsible for the review, which is now almost as popular as the program itself. But I was clearly very wrong. As a reviewer I got a bit stubborn, it took me at least half a year before I changed my mind, maybe I was a bit tough in the face of that time, He explained at the time, adding:

– Now I’ll give it a clear six.

Aller Media Social Club is owned by Aller Media, the same company that owns Se og Hør and Dagbladet. Jonas Jørstad usually works as an editor for the Celebrity Editorial Team at Aller Media.

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