Christmas in Blåfjell, Christmas | That’s how it goes with the stars of “Christmas in Blåfjell”.

Christmas in Blåfjell, Christmas |  That’s how it goes with the stars of “Christmas in Blåfjell”.

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For several years, both young and old have sat in front of the TV screen to watch NRK’s ​​famous Christmas calendar, ‘Christmas in Blåfjell’.

Since 1999, viewers have been introduced to the dwarves and the great dwarf kingdom in one of the country’s most popular Christmas calendars.

A lot has happened since then, and TV stars now live a slightly different daily life than they did 24 years ago.

-I could die at any time

Mona Tandberg, who plays Queen Fjelrose in the series, is now 84 years old.

Despite her age, Tandberg is far from 84, and tells Netavisen that she is still recognized on the street at least twice a week.

Tanberg, who was 60 years old during the recording of “Christmas in Blåfjell,” can now declare that her family is relatively older.

With three children, four grandchildren – soon to be five, and three great-grandchildren, the 84-year-old can only glimpse what a little bit of daily life entails.

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– I’m retired, I’m getting older, and I’ve received a lot of offers that I refuse, she says.

According to Tandberg, her days as a retiree are exactly as she imagined them.

She enjoys the free days and the ability to decide for herself what she will spend her time on without being tied down to a job or other binding work.

– I’m having a great time! When you have a few days left in your life like me, I could die at any time, so I don’t want to spend those days on things I’m not really committed to, she says.

As well as frequenting cafes and meeting people, the 84-year-old has become involved in dementia work in recent years.

When her ex-partner was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago, everyday life was turned upside down.

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“It was scary how little I knew about dementia,” she explains.

This led to her traveling around the country and working extensively for the National Public Health Association.

– I think it is good that there is more and more knowledge about dementia, because it can affect us all, she says.

Soon in a new series

In the series we also get to know the Blåværshule family, with Tone Danielsen (77) and Paul-Ottar Haga (58) playing the characters Blåmor and Blåfar.

Tony Danielsen (77) retired today, but the 77-year-old is no ordinary retiree.

In front of Netafsen, Danielsen reveals that she still has several balls in the air, after she retired and left the national stage when she turned seventy years old.

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– I have been working a lot this fall, says the 77-year-old, who will soon appear in the second TV series “Purk”, where she plays the mother of one of the main characters.

She also recently finished filming the Swedish film “Allt blir bra”.

This has been the 77-year-old’s main focus, which is why she has had to travel back and forth across the Swedish border in recent months.

On the other hand, life hasn’t been going well just lately. With two adult children and five grandchildren, there’s no doubt that Danielsen is busy.

He’s still wearing Belfar’s uniform.

Paul Otar Haga (58 years old) is also not someone who does not have much to do during the day, as he has a full-time job and is a permanent employee at Det Norske Teatret.

Since 1990, he has remained in the industry and continued acting. He is currently playing in the play “Forever Young” where he is seen to be 100 years old.

The 58-year-old also teaches at Bardar Academy in the use of audio and text analysis, which he enjoys.

Now with Christmas fast approaching, he thinks it’s fun to remember the good old days when he was seen as the whole Norwegian Blavar. The 58-year-old reveals to Nettavisen that it was quite a coincidence that he was given the honor of playing exactly this role in the famous Christmas calendar.

– The person who was supposed to play this role actually couldn’t, so I was asked, he says.

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Today, Haga is very happy that it is him, because “Christmas in Blåfjell” is an adventure he could not have lived without. Even 24 years after he was seen wearing a blue hat on TV, the character is still very close to him.

“Every year I walk up the Christmas tree dressed as Father Blue, while my wife dresses as the girl in red,” he says with a laugh.

Haga, who has two children aged 12 and 13, says she thinks it’s fun to see their father on TV again.

It took the country by storm

Johannes Gunner (65) is likely a familiar face to many after he charmed the entire country as Lillegutt in the NRK Christmas Calendar.

After his role in “Jul i Blåfjell”, Göner has appeared in several other Christmas calendars, such as “Jul på Månetoppen”, “Jul på Sesam Stasjon” and “Snøfall”, in which he currently appears.

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– I am the world champion in Christmas calendars, says a satisfied Juner who feels happy that Christmas is coming.

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According to him himself, the breakthrough began with Liljut’s role in “Jul i Blåfjell” – and Liljut took the country by storm.

The nice thing about Liligoth is that he was a grown boy and never grew up. He lived at my mother’s house, Gunner laughs.

According to the 65-year-old, he knows the series’ creator, Gudney Hagen, before, and the role is supposed to be based on Gunner and his character.

The 65-year-old admits he hasn’t seen ‘Christmas in Bluffgill’ for a very long time. However, he is often reminded of the series.

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– He says: – I meet people all the time who know me as “the little boy” and they become happy with this character.

According to the 65-year-old, he is one of the lucky ones who has been allowed to work steadily throughout his life. Although he still works a lot, his focus is on something completely different these days.

– Now I got a new dog, he is ten months old. She will become my best friend, he says excitedly.

Gunner has two daughters, Salma (31 years old) and Mila (30 years old), in addition to his son Knut (36 years old). He also has three grandchildren who, according to him, are very happy with their grandfather.

Now that he’s a “daddy of little ones” again, when Mindy the dog comes into his life, there’s no doubt he’s having a lot of time.

I’ve never seen “Christmas in Bluffgill.”

Geir Kvarmi (60) can be seen as postman, Kari Eulf Olsen, in The Christmas Calendar.

Although there were loud cheers when Christmas in Blåfjell returned to television screens after twelve years, the 60-year-old admits he had never seen a Christmas calendar in which he plays the village postman.

– I’m not good at watching myself on TV. “I’m simply too critical of myself,” he told Netafsen.

According to Kvarme, the role he plays in “Jul i Blåfjell” is not only self-critical. This also applies to all the other roles he plays.

But the memories of the recording are still there, even more than 24 years after the recording.

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With three keywords, he describes the experience as cool, fun and tiring. Kvarmi had to move between the winter paradise of Røros, where the Christmas calendar is recorded, and the big city of Oslo.

– He says there were quite a few night buses heading to Røros in the evening.

Today, the 60-year-old’s life is still full of roles in, among others, the play “Roberto Zucco”, which will soon premiere at Det Norske Teatret. And much is also the same as before besides the theatrical stage.

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– Actually, I met Paul Otar quite often since we shared the wardrobe in the theatre, Kvarmi told Netavisin.

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Monna Tandberg is also someone Kvarme meets every now and then, as they live close to each other.

He also talks about several close colleagues who have passed away in recent years, and realizes how many years have passed since recording.

Theater stream

In “Christmas in Bluffgill”, viewers are also introduced to the village electrician Selma and her aunt Marta.

It’s Hilly Haugen, 58, who plays the village electrician, and she’s also been sticking around since The Christmas Calendar was recorded.

Haugen works as an actor in Det Nye Teatret. Now she can be seen at the “Kristiania magiskes tivoliteater”, six nights a week.

She will also appear in the show “Fredriksson Factory,” which premieres in March.

Despite a lot of work, she can look forward to some free time during the day in December.

-I usually go for a walk with my dog, and then there is always something to clean. “Now that Christmas is coming up, I also have to shop for Christmas gifts,” she says.

Haugen says her daughter’s birthday will be in December, so there will be a little bit of everything to do in the coming days.

In the series, Selma’s niece, Marta, is played by Caroline Fagerheim Hansen (35 years old). She was just 10 years old when she played the role of Marta in the NRK series that took the country by storm.

She explained that the interest in acting was always there, and that it was her mother, who works at NRK, who encouraged her to audition.

Fagerheim told Nettavisen that she had been a part of television when she was younger, but there was never a return to acting after taking part in The Christmas Calendar.

-I’m no longer an actor. It was with “Christmas in Bluffgill,” she told Nettavisen.

Today, Fagerheim works as Nordic Communications Director at commercial real estate firm Colliers.

Although her career choice has taken a slightly different direction, she does not hide the fact that she is still following the series.

Now she has a two-year-old and a six-year-old at home, and all three agree on what the annual favorite is when it comes to Christmas calendars.

– “Christmas in Bluffgill”! Nothing above, nothing beside. “That’s what’s important,” she says with a laugh.

She admits it’s great to show the series to kids and be able to know that it’s her who plays Marta.

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