Researchers question cheaper monthly cards

Researchers question cheaper monthly cards

In a new report from the Institute of Transportation Economics, on the contrary, researchers believe that cheap monthly cards will cause increased car traffic, write Aftenposten.

The researchers believe that politicians are putting the shock in the wrong place, and that a move to make individual ticket prices less expensive would be more effective.

– If politicians’ goal is to get more people to travel by public transport and less by car, perhaps it would be more appropriate to lower the price of a single ticket, says Fredrik Gregersen, one of the researchers who participated in preparing the report.

Researchers argue that those with a monthly pass travel more often and are less price sensitive. Researchers believe that people without a monthly pass may be tempted to choose a car when the price of a single pass is frustratingly high.

The researchers found that cheap single tickets led to an 11% reduction in car use. Gregersen believes lowering monthly pass rates will also reduce car trips, but on a much smaller scale.

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The report says the RACE pilot project – where one ticket gets cheaper and cheaper the further you travel – was shown to be ineffective in terms of reducing car traffic either.

However, Rutter believes he is seeing an impact from Project RACE, and points to decreased traffic through toll rings. However, Akershus County (which will be revived next year) has decided to drop the project, while Oslo has yet to decide.

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