High energy particles falling towards Earth:

High energy particles falling towards Earth:

A rare, extremely high-energy particle has been observed falling towards Earth. It has sent searchers back all over the world.

the Sky News reports.

He raises his eyebrows

This striking phenomenon has attracted much attention at the international level.

Toshihiro Fujii, an associate professor at Osaka Metropolitan University in Japan, is one of many researchers who were baffled after the particle came hurtling through space at dizzying speed.

– The first thing I thought was that it must be a mistake, he told the newspaper and continued:

– Show an unparalleled level of energy. We haven’t seen anything like it in the last three decades!

Anna in “Squid Game”

The researcher says that the particle, named after the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, is one of the highest energy cosmic rays ever discovered.

– what the hell!?

Research professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utah, John Matthews, is also terrified by the powerful particle.

One of the most surprising things is that no one knows exactly where this comes from, he says According to The Guardian newspaper:

-We traced the particle’s path, and it didn’t come close to anything with high enough energy to produce it. That’s the mystery here: What the hell is going on!?

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Matthews says the particle has an energy of more than 240 eV, which is second only to… “Oh my god the particles” Which was discovered in 1991.

Researchers were unable to trace the origin of this particle either.

Search for answers

Scientists around the world are now searching for answers about the particle. According to The Guardian, one theory is that the particle comes from an “empty region of space” bordering the Milky Way.

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– I don’t think people understand the magnitude of this matter. We need huge amounts of energy and very high magnetic fields to create this, says researcher Matthews.

He explains that it would take “a celestial phenomenon more powerful than star explosions” to cause something similar.

Many astronomy forums have been prompted in the wake of the sensational images. Many speculate on the particle’s origin, writing that they are excited about its continuation.

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