Sounding the alarm about the European injury nightmare: – Crazy

Sounding the alarm about the European injury nightmare: – Crazy

Alaba suffered a cruciate ligament tear. It’s so sad. This is the first time it has happened to me that three players have torn their cruciate ligaments. this is unbelievable.

This is what Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti said after the news that David Alaba suffered a serious cruciate ligament injury.

The number of injuries is high in the major European leagues this season. Many are minor injuries, but also many teams and players are characterized by serious injuries.

A cruciate ligament tear is considered one of the worst injuries a player can suffer, and this season has witnessed a wave of this type of injury.

In the top five European leagues, there are a total of 38 players who have been out for a long period due to cruciate ligament injuries this season. Some of the injuries come from last season, but they have sidelined players for large parts of this season as well.

Among those who were not so lucky is Real Madrid. They have three out of ten cruciate ligament injuries in La Liga, with David Alaba, Eder Militao And Thibaut Courtois.

Many players suffer from cruciate ligament injuries in various leagues:

  • Spanish League: 10th place
  • Premier League: 6
  • Italian League: 9
  • German League: 8th
  • League 1:5

– It gets worse and worse

Peter Wieland, Viaplay’s La Liga expert, reacts to what happened in Madrid.

I’m noticing that there’s obviously a lot of bad luck going on here, but I’m also noticing that a lot of people think the schedule is too tough and the players are under too much pressure. I do not have sufficient experience in this field, as I am not a doctor or anything like that. I can’t say for sure that it’s related to the match schedule, but it definitely happened because a lot of people are talking about it, Wieland tells Netafsen.

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Manchester City is one of the clubs most affected by the difficult program of the past year. A number of players have participated in the World Cup and gone far in the tournament, then progressed at full speed in the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League.

In addition, the light blue Club World Cup is being held in Saudi Arabia, amid a hectic period of the English Premier League.

The amount of fighting we are currently witnessing is starting to become “crazy.” City player Bernardo Silva said before the semi-final match against Japan’s Urawa Red Diamonds that the risk of injuries increases slightly.

Earlier this season, many people raised the alarm about the announced match schedule, especially for Premier League players.

Every year it gets worse and worse. It will only get worse. “Honestly, I don’t know where it will end,” Guardiola said at the start of the season, having only been given a two-week break after a long season.

Request more matches

Some see it a little differently. German legend Lothar Matthaus believes football just needs more matches. This wish will be fulfilled next season, as the World Cup for club teams has been expanded and resembles the FIFA World Cup for national teams.

I played 55 to 60 games each season. I played in the Bundesliga, the German Cup, the Europa League, the Champions League, in the national team, the World Cup and the European Championship. I was never tired! For me, it’s good to play two matches a week, because then I train less and play more matches, says Matthews to Sky Sports Regarding the bathroom for the club teams.

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-Give me more matches, it makes me happy! The German continues.

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The Arsenal legend believes VAR helps

He is supported by coaching legend Arsene Wenger Director of Development at FIFA. He points out that the World Championships will be held every four years, and claims that the format has received a lot of support.

– Player well-being has increased dramatically in the last 20 years, when you look at injury prevention, recovery, nutrition and advances in medicine. It is unrecognizable compared to what it was. In addition, VAR has also helped protect players, because they know they cannot escape if they make a bad tackle that could cause injuries, says Wenger, according to Wenger. clouds.

From 2025, the tournament will expand to include 32 teams, 12 of them from Europe, six from South America, four from Africa, four from Asia, four from North and Central America, one from Oceania plus one from the host nation.

However, Wieland points out that there are certain clubs that do not necessarily suffer from the aforementioned cruciate ligament injuries, but have significant challenges in their squad.

You have teams like Newcastle, Sevilla and Tottenham suffering from injuries like bad years. It can become a painful spiral for some teams, because the burden is so great, says a Viaplay expert.

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