Head of Handball Carey Gear Liu speaks: – It challenges faith and trust

Head of Handball Carey Gear Liu speaks: – It challenges faith and trust
Moving forward in defence: Kåre Geir Lio thinks it’s no problem that, as head of 100 percent free handball, he also works with Nordnorsk Lederutvikling.

Kåre Geir Lio knew that the Norwegian Handball Federation had bought services from his company. But I didn’t realize it was wrong. He believes his confidence as a handball boss is under attack. The 70-year-old has no plans to quit his double job.


There was a storm around Leo after last week. TV 2 He has published many critical cases about Kåre Geir Lio and the Norwegian Handball Federation.

NHF four times purchased services from Leo’s “private” Nordnorsk Lederutvikling. And the channel reported that Liu – although he was bought to take over as president of the National Football Association – still earns a salary estimated at millions annually in this company.

TV 2 He also told a story that the head of handball conducted character tests for all the new board members.

– Not the most fun thing I’ve ever experienced as a handball boss. I have always tried to do my best for Norwegian handball. Now I’m in a position where that’s not the case. I have to live with that as the leader of a large organisation, says the head of Norway’s second largest private association.

– Is confidence weak for you as a handball president?

All negative reports defy faith and trust. At the same time, I hope people will listen to the information they receive from various parts of the handball organization, and dare to continue to trust this handball boss.

Kåre Geir Lio is not thinking of retiring. VG reports that he has already announced in 2022 that this will be his last term as head of handball. Therefore, he will resign from the Federal Parliament within two years.

– I previously said this only to the selection committee and the Board of Directors of the National Football Association. Now it comes out. But that’s not the reason here, Liu explains.

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Criticism: Kari-Jer Leo (right) and general secretary Eric Langerode are under fire for the Handball Federation’s use of Lederotvikling by the Handball Federation.

– I was managing director of Nordnorsk Lederutvikling (NNL) and head of handball in 2016. Did you know that the NHF also conducted a personality test in your company?

– Yes, I knew about that.

– Why did you stop it?

– At that time, I was working at NNL and worked as a shop steward at NHF. I don’t think it could be a problem at all. But I follow Eric LangerodesEric LangerodesSecretary General of the Handball Federation The evaluation thought it was unfortunate.

– Could this conflict with the NFL’s Statutory Article 10 on jurisdiction?

-I see it can be used that way. Eric’s intention was to do something safe, effective and cheap. So I see this as a problem. I’m glad Eric had an open dialogue with the Oversight Committee about this.

– Have you taken the initiative to seek the help of the Handball Federation for your company?

– No I didn’t.

The head of handball meets VG in Helsfyr in Oslo. The blue shirt is unbuttoned, the glasses are put on, the look is sharp.

The telemarketer, who originally trained as a teacher, lives in Kjerringøy outside Bodø, but after the interview he will move to his 93-year-old father in Dalen.

It has faced heavy criticism from sports law expert Gunnar-Martin Keener, TV2 commentator Mina Finstad-Berg and Leif Welhaven of VG, who believe the case is a “handball crisis”.

– What does the criticism of the credibility and reputation of the Handball Federation mean?

– Praise is more pleasant than criticism. All of these have their work to look at the sport from all angles. I understand that they have this role and I understand that such criticism may come. It’s something I have to live with. As leaders, we have to live with the mistakes we make.

– When you were bought for free as the head of handball in 2017, wasn’t the intention not to continue with your old job?

– It was decided to buy a handball head. In this situation, I felt I had to step down as Director of NNL. I did it. I left a job I found very interesting and then asked the board if I could be assigned a number of tasks. I wanted to keep warm and be in that arena at the same time as doing my duties as the head handball player. I included it in my agreement and dealt with that afterwards.

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– There is nothing in the decision of the Handball Parliament in 2017 that indicates your continued development of leadership in Northern Norway?

– The court’s decision was more general. The contract was concluded by the council.

– So your contract is dealt with by the Board of Directors of the Handball Federation?

– Yes.

– How much time did you spend in your civilian job per year while you were president of handball?

-I think you should meet Beret, she’s at home. I use all my time for the best in handball. If I have free time, I also develop leadership skills. In short, that’s a terrible number of work days. Maybe people don’t think so. But Berit knows that I work all the time and am rarely at home.

– Did you tell TV 2 yourself that you work 35 days a year for Nordnorsk Lederutvikling?

– The number of task days for NNL was 35. These days, I also did handball morning, noon and evening, when it was necessary. Team meetings, press – and other inquiries. Some working days (for NNL) were lecturing, while others were practical work that gave me four to six hours at my disposal to do other things.

TV 2 says you earned between NOK 1.2-1.6 million a year from this. It might sound ok for 35 days in the business?

-It’s well paid. I understand people are confused, but this is what people paid me to do. My wages consist of salary and benefits, such as a free car, from the Handball Federation. I also get my pension. And then comes what I earn in NNL.

– Will you continue to work for Nordnorsk Lederutvikling after that?

– I adhere to the agreement that applies at all times with the Board of Directors of the Handball Federation. The most important thing for me is to do my job as president of Norwegian Handball. The working year has a certain range. There are a lot of people who do things in addition to that. I deal with leadership development. I enjoy and benefit from it, and the work I do for NHF.

Procti Hergersson: According to Channel 2, Kari Geer Leo has also engaged national team manager Thorer Hergersson as a speaker at Nordnorsk Lederotviking.

– Do you realize that waffle makers all over Norwegian handball, who might struggle to pay for an NHF licence, react to the fact that you earn three million kroner a year?

Salaries in Norway are very difficult. I think teachers and nurses earn very little. (Victor) Hovland earns a lot. (Erling Braut) Haaland makes good money. Of course I earn a lot. But I hope that I will be evaluated and evaluated in relation to the work that I do at the Norwegian Handball Federation. Then I have a job in addition, from which I also earn money. It may have been real estate development or stock speculation. I do not do that. I do regular work. So I hope people can tell the difference.

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– What would you do if you got a leadership development client in Northern Norway who has interests that cross with Norwegian handball?

– I checked it back to 2015. That was not the case.

– Have you tried issuing your client lists?

– These are the lists of Nordnorsk Lederutvikling clients. I have nothing to hide, but I respect that they don’t want to be released.

Have you reported this to the National Football League’s Monitoring Committee?

Neither the Board of Directors of the Handball Federation asked me. Naturally, the board of directors will address this matter at the Lillehammer meeting next week. I have no problem reporting to the board internally, if NNL believes that to be true.

– Do you realize that it can be difficult for members of the Norwegian Handball Federation not to know who you worked for while you were the full-time Head of Handball?

– I can understand that. But I have a very clear conscience that there are clear interfaces between the tasks of leadership development and action in Norwegian handball.

– Can the 135,000 members of the Norwegian Handball Federation trust that you work exclusively for Norwegian handball?

– Yes.

– Why did you test your personality in the Board of Directors of the Handball Association?

Firstly, it is important that we are a good team. Second, the board should have a clear division of labor. Third, there is a high bar on the board, that everyone feels well taken care of, and that everyone can say what they want to say. We want to have the discussions in the boardroom. Not in the hallways. The board has developed incredibly well, Liu claims, and believes there has been exclusively positive feedback.

According to Channel 2, former vice president Ole Jorstad said no to the test. He is now a board member of the Norwegian Sports Confederation.

– He said then that he did not have time to answer. This race is over. Join the professional review like everyone else.

– Do the rest of the board members also have access to a personal test from you?

– Yes Yes. naturally.


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