This is how the new patrol tent for the armed forces will look like

This is how the new patrol tent for the armed forces will look like


New tents: The new patrol tents will be delivered to the defense by Oscar Pedersen.

In the past, armed forces patrol tents would come from a number of different manufacturers without a proper system in place. In 2024, the new tents will come in one standard.

Defense Material (FMA) has signed a contract with Oskar Pedersen’s Kristiansand company for the delivery of new patrol tents for the Norwegian Armed Forces over the next seven years. The contract value is around NOK 290 million and deliveries are expected to begin in the spring of 2024.

The newly developed tents come in two sizes, tents for two to three people and tents for four to six people, and will be produced by the Norwegian company Barents Outdoor AS, which is also behind the technical solutions. The tents will be manufactured in Bangladesh and maintained in Norway.

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-We are very satisfied with this agreement. Barents Outdoor is far ahead when it comes to sustainability. This is reflected in the high quality of the tents; They are rugged, easy to use and easy to repair and maintain, says Thomas Beck, head of land capabilities at Defense Materiel.

The tents have been tested by soldiers under harsh weather and weather conditions in several places in Norway this year.

– User tests were good and it was found that the tents held up well to use. Thomas Beck says: Now the soldiers in Norway can rejoice.

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Although patrol tents have been used in the armed forces for many years, the problem is that there is no uniform agreement. As a result, the Norwegian Armed Forces received a number of different patrol tents from many different manufacturers without a good system, explains Bjørn Ivar Fagerle from the Norwegian Armed Forces School (HVS).

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Fagerle explains that the tents that the Norwegian Armed Forces are now acquiring will cover a greater need and will no longer be just a tool for typical reconnaissance forces and the like. Now it will also be possible to use the tents, among other things, in the command center, sanitation and more.

– This means that flexibility increases dramatically, when we get tents that can be used outside the patrol environment. It offers flexibility in terms of customization solutions locally and abroad, says Fagerli, who adds that the tents have been specifically tested for Nordic conditions and military use, which has been a challenge in the past when purchasing off-the-shelf goods.

Operational: The newly developed tents come in two sizes, 2-3 person tents and 4-6 person tents.

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