Culture Hole | Andreas (17 years old) continued on The Voice: – I had a hellegrin

Culture Hole |  Andreas (17 years old) continued on The Voice: – I had a hellegrin

Andreas has previously been, among others, on stage at Hønefoss with Musikalkollektivet. He teaches music at Rudd High School.

“I've performed a lot before, but never on TV,” the 17-year-old said before entering the stage to make the four ushers turn around in their chairs.

On Friday he sang “The Seed” for Aurora.

The three turned around

Espen Lind, Ina Wroldsen and Jarle Bernhoft all chose to turn around and were therefore hoping that the young Golden Throat from Røyse would join their team. Joseph Woldemariam was the only one of the guides who did not choose Andreas.

-You can be very proud of this. You deserve everything you get from now on. “You're completely raw,” Inna and Roldsen said.

Jarl Bernhoft and Espen Lind also gave good comments for the 17-year-old.

“The range you have is very impressive,” Espen said.

– You are four or five singers in one body. You have a lot to offer, praised the Jarl.

The Røyse boy could pick and choose the top shelf, and ended up “collaborating” with Wroldsen.

– He was a Helligrini

– Andreas said: “I go by instinct and after what I heard today I say Inna.”

– If I were Andreas's father, I would have screamed, said Joseph and Maryam.

– Yes, me too, concluded Inna and Roldsen.

Andreas is very environmentally conscious, and believes we don't talk about it enough.

– I want people to realize that doing something themselves is the most important thing, he said in his show on TV2.

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