Elton John, Britney Spears, Satyricon – VG

Elton John, Britney Spears, Satyricon - VG
It’s Elton, Beach: Britney Spears is finally making a sound as an artist, while Elton John continues to cover old songs. Together they are as exciting as waiting in a hotel room.

Myths unite, while children of other myths appear for the first time with songs that far exceed the last attempts of the Creator. Plus: Norwegian music is better in South Korea than in Norway.


Elton John and Britney Spears – “Hold Me Closer”

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No, it’s not a new song that mixes old (Elton) and old (Britney) song. It recycles the chorus of “Tiny Dancer” and verses of “The One”. Cirkut Pop Smart (has helped Britney since 2008, among other things wrote and produced “Wrecking Ball” for Miley Cyrus) copies the PNAU and Dua Lipa collaboration “Cold Heart,” but cut and glued these lines together when the makers of old-fashioned ice cream favourites: Almost the same as the original, only with less flavour. You really have to listen to Britney carefully before she shines through the vocoder mash. Once you do it Something new and darker, but very little. But as a general hallway tone, “hold me close” is something you can find yourself embracing more closely than you initially think.

Satyricon – “Satyricon & Munch”

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Yes, this was actually released in June. Next Sunday, on the other hand, is the last chance to experience Munch in the so-called dialogue with the Satyricon at the Munch Museum. If you listen after watching the show, the creeping annoyance and silent darkness will be recreated. Since entering the first clarinet, across the first hole that might remind of a tougher version of “KING” (2006), until the vocal extension meanders through a black autumnal spike. Closer to the music of the Trent Reznor films surrounding an open office view than you normally know from Satir and Frost. Some managers should know their visiting hours.

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Maria Petra – “Bad at Being Single”

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Last year’s runner-up appeared on “The Voice” EP with precise vocals with guitar and an intense chorus. In this sense, the hydrangea can partly remind us of another artist who also begins with Maria. ‘Bad at being single’ has a pretty obvious advantage, as the self-critical frustration and self-loathing of the chorus sound real and self-experienced with a right-handed twinkle in the eye. Maria Petra does well on her own.

Best Like EP: Maria Petra claims she’s bad at being single, but anyway she gave without being a promising EP:

Lolahol – “Lock & Key”

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Lourdes Leon already entered popular culture on “Little Star” from “Ray of Light” (1998). Mother Madonna’s own reinvention naturally included a tribute to her daughter. On her own, she looks more like FKA Twigs’ daughter, but hidden in an arrangement that may have also been from the part from 1998 that still has a penchant for chill-based drum and bass. “Lock & Key” is the same vibe as the song, and even more career bod than one might expect.

Embla and the Karidotters – “Sunday Kind of Love”

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Former Razika drummer Embla Kariwater built bands, took the mic, and created a country that efficiently embraced the genre’s hearty pop music (not just in Dolly Parton’s nod in the album title “Helly, I’m Embla”). The crafting and communication skills are amazing, the power of the voice as if Susan Sundfor had tried her hand at the genre. Moreover, the lyrics, like the love diary in this song, are totally charming, funny, and catchy.

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Eve – “After admiration”

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The number one streaming service in South Korea right now is a reimagining of “I Will Survive” a week ago starring André Jensen and Anders Nilsen. Behind her is the “faint” voice of Esselin Solheim. It’s so clever that it should have nicely climbed onto the charts here at home, too. So maybe Norwegian music abroad isn’t that international?

Home Alone: ​​Nobody wanted to come to the National Godfather Party. Although they cleaned well.

French Salma “Honey”

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Here, those who have discovered Selma French Bolstad in Masåva can stand up and cheer. The folk and jazz musician is a unique vocal and songwriting talent who early on became closer to Anne Lise Frøkedal than Susanne Sundfør or Thomas Dybdahl. In her solo debut, she creates a calming atmosphere like songs that you can sing along to. In particular, this textile bag here is something completely independent. We’ve also now come this far in a year when “Honey” should be among the most beautiful albums of the year.

The National with Bon Iver – “Weird Goodbyes”

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Matt Berninger’s self-awareness has previously stated that the national singer has more ego than dealing with other male vocals in his songs. With the help of Justin Vernon, he’s still here trying to get a chorus as they together wonder why they’re not doing enough. Take it from someone who has dig in very deep this band: One should hope that what will be the full-length ninth pentagon tries more. Because even if death comes to a soft and good end, the creeping feeling that you heard “Strange Goodbye” too many times just before… amazing.

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