June 10, 2023


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Tyga gave Avril Lavigne the gift of love at an amazing price

Recently, artist Avril Lavigne, 38, and rapper Tyga, 33, whose real name is Michelle Ray Nguyen Stephenso, have grabbed several headlines around the world.

Earlier this year, it became known that Lavigne and rocker Mod Sun, 35, broke off their engagement, which the latter described as a surprise.

Make the relationship public

Soon, photos of Lavigne and Tyga, who is ex-boyfriend Kylie Jenner (25), appeared, and rumors began to circulate that the artist had cheated on her fiance.

“Avril Lavigne and Tyga aren’t really doing anything to stop the dating rumors,” she wrote. TMZ then.

do not cheat: That’s what they say about separation. Reporter and video: Jenny Emily As and Thea Hope.
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Earlier this month, the duo were also spotted kissing on the streets of Paris, but keep their cards close to their chests about whether they are a couple. according to TMZ They are at an early stage where they are getting to know each other.

The shocking Kardashian connection has been revealed

The shocking Kardashian connection has been revealed

Now, however, it may appear that they have taken their “friendship” to a new level. According to the website, the rapper gave the singer a gift in the form of a piece of jewelry — and it’s not the cheap kind.

Tyga reportedly designed the piece of jewelry specifically for the artist, and what about the price tag? At least $80,000, which is approximately NOK 850,000.

Sophie Elise hosted Motepolitiet Live with Jean Thomas and talked about love, breakups and the kind of dream. Video: Jenny Emily Ace/Harvard Bjornrum/Dennis Abelung/Cug Hour.
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The piece is set with black and white diamonds, and the word “Avril” is written across the front. Moreover, there are two pink hearts with “A” inside, and skulls with a pink bow.

Eric Mavani is the jewelry designer behind the lavish necklace. He told TMZ that Tyga gave this to his loved ones last week, confirming the amazing amount.

Kylie Jenner reveals why she and Tyga broke up

Kylie Jenner reveals why she and Tyga broke up

And it seems that the gift fell to the taste of the “complex” singer, who was recently seen wearing the piece of jewellery.

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