Grandiosa Pizza, Kiwi | Kiwi Grandiosa movement: – sometimes necessary

Grandiosa Pizza, Kiwi |  Kiwi Grandiosa movement: – sometimes necessary

The price war at grocery chains is in full swing, and one item that received a significant price cut is the Grandiosa pizza.

Kiwi, Rema 1000 and Extra have reduced the price from 59.90 to 29.90 this week. This corresponds to a massive 50 percent reduction in prices.

Bjørn Vik Moe, deputy managing director of Coop Midt-Norge, said on Thursday TRUNDER-AVISA So far this week, the grocery giant has seen 300 percent growth in Grandiosa sales compared to the same week last year.

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In other words, there was massive demand after the price fell.

In the past two days, Nettavisen journalists noticed that many Kiwi stores were empty of their popular frozen pizza.

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As a result, New Zealanders have now taken action.

When Nettavisen visited the Kiwi store in Asker on Friday morning, this appeared:

“Hello! In order for all our customers to enjoy the low price of Grandiosa Pizza, we have set a limit of 3 pieces. Per customer,” was written on a note taped to the freezer counter.

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Kiwi: – I'd rather not do that

Kiwi Communications Manager, Christine Akvaj Arvin, told Nettavisen that this is a move they are making in those stores where they have seen that there is a high demand and therefore the product may run out.

– So, to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the low prices, we have opened the door for shops to set a limit if they think it is necessary, says Akvaj Arvin.

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She points out that these prices last until February in Kiwi, so you have plenty of time to secure the popular pizza.

However, Akvaj Arvin is clear that they prefer not to set restrictions.

“We want customers to be able to buy as much as they want, but sometimes that may be necessary for a while,” she says.

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Rima 1000 and Extra: – Does not impose any restrictions

Nettavisen has also been in contact with Rema 1000 and Extra to see if they are taking similar steps to Kiwi.

Sales and Marketing Manager Pia Mellbye at Rema 1000 says they are well prepared for bigger sales, and that as of today they have not put any limits on the number of pizzas you can buy in the same transaction.

At Rema 1000 Nordsida in Steinkjer, they noticed a lot of activity after the price dropped.

– On an average day, we sell between five and ten Grandiosa pieces. “On Tuesday, we sold more than 200 items,” said dealer Anders Joberg. TRUNDER-AVISA Thursday.

Coop Norge's press contact, Knut Lutnæs, comes with the same message as Rema 1000.

– We don't put any limits on Grandiosa, but there are a lot of people who now buy Grandiosa when the price is very low, so of course we are working on getting more products, he says.

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