Høyre's Tina Bru will not stand for re-election to the Storting

Høyre's Tina Bru will not stand for re-election to the Storting

– Buru says he has decided not to stand for re-election to the Storting.

This is causing shockwaves in the Conservative Party, but party leader Erna Solberg says she understands Pru's wishes.

– My choice was made after many thoughts, a lot of doubts and a difficult process. Now is the time to say goodbye to one more long-term commitment to the Storting, says the Conservative deputy leader.

Puru says this is an overarching and important reason.

– I like to spend more time with my family and children. I want to enjoy a normal family life. I have never experienced it. The Storting agrees to live in Oslo for four new years with no way out if necessary. I don't want to.

Children Ellis and Kitty are five and a half years old.

– The oldest will turn six in the fall and start school. I got number two a year and a half ago. We don't have a normal everyday life; I don't see them when they wake up in the morning and I'm not there when they go to bed.

She also says:

– After, except on weekends.

Priority should be given to daughter. Photo: Gisle Oddstad / VG

Bridges are being burned for the sake of the bride?

What does it mean to be a Member of Parliament?

A Storting representative is a person elected to sit in the Storting, Norway's highest political body. They make important decisions about laws and regulations in the country, which often requires them to live in Oslo and be there most of the time for political work.

Can Tina Buru still be involved in politics without being in the Storting?

Yes, it is possible. Although he is not standing for re-election to the Storting, he is keeping the door open for other political roles, such as being a minister. Four years with Storting and Oslo do not necessarily connect her alike.

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What does Tina Buru not standing for re-election mean for the Conservative Party?

This could be a challenge for the Conservative Party as Tina Buru is a high profile and popular politician. The party needs to find others who can take over his roles and tasks and this can influence their political strategy and election campaign.

Is it normal for politicians to choose not to stand for re-election for family reasons?

It is not uncommon for politicians to take personal and family circumstances into account when considering their political careers. The balance between personal life and demanding political life can be difficult, and sometimes it means that politicians choose to prioritize family for certain periods of time.

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She says there is another argument:

– We chose to stay in Stavanger while we build a new house. And that is the result of that choice. When kids grow up here, it's hard to live your entire working life in another city for years.

– You do not want to enter the Storting after the general election next autumn. What would you do if Erna Solberg wanted you as minister if there was a capitalist majority: so you had to go to Oslo anyway?

– There is a difference. If I say yes to the Storting, it obliges me to live in Oslo for four years. You do not have the option to exit the storage. If I need to go home to my family or something, I don't have that option when I'm in Storting.

and son. Photo: Gisle Oddstad / VG

– So you are keeping the door open to becoming a minister?

– Being a minister, I was allowed to do parts of the previous parliamentary term, was a great privilege and it was a lot of fun. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would have to consider it at that time.

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She also says:

– It's not politics that I want to leave, I choose family in the four years I've been stuck in the starting line.

– Is it not so easy to show examples that over time it was easy and successful to be the deputy leader of a party without the foundation of the Storting?

– No, I understand that. Being the vice president of a party is something that happens every day.

– Will you consider resigning as vice president at the next national meeting?

– It's too early to make a decision. The National Assembly isn't until next spring, and I'll be sitting in the Storting much longer than that, so I want to focus on getting my work done going forward.

– From the outside, it looks amazing; You're still too young to be a politician, and Erna Solberg is seen as a crown princess after 10-20 years away as party leader?

A slightly intense atmosphere erupts for a few seconds. She laughs and laughs.

Photo: Gisle Oddstad / VG

– Then I'll be Erna's age now, it's impossible.

She eventually brought the ball and it was amazing.

– Yes, I'm a bit surprised by this too. I have to admit it feels like a breakup. I have been at Høyre since I was 20 years old. I enjoyed myself and got many amazing roles. I love this life so much it's so sad.

This happiness loses political happiness. Photo: Gisle Oddstad / VG

She also says:

– People see my dedication, I think it's still there. I'm certainly not bored, but I've come to an impossible crossroads.

– Do you still have a prime minister in your stomach: should you always be ready to be the leader if the party wants you, vice president?

– Now I don't have those ambitions. I've never had it: I've never been driven by it. I am involved in politics because it is fun and rewarding. A lot of people think I'm saying this, but it's true.

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She laughs and adds:

– It has now been proven: the honest answer is that it is not where I am. If I had such ambitions, I would have to choose differently now.

– Still Storting selected?

– Yes.

Erna: I understand

Conservative leader Erna Solberg says she understands Prue has come through tough ratings.

– I understand very well that it is difficult to celebrate four new years in Oslo as a parliamentary representative, when you have small children in a completely different city.

Solberg says he doesn't see it as Prue's final exit from politics.

– I'm so glad this isn't a farewell to politics and she's ready to contribute in other roles that don't keep her locked away from her family for four years. Tina is a prominent politician for the Conservative Party. He has distinguished himself as a clear voice in many areas and has an eye on politics that is so valuable to us.

– Can a party have a vice-president who has not sat in the Storting for more than four years?

Erna Solberg arrived shortly after birth in December 2022, and the little kitty made it safely into the world. Photo: Helge Mikkelsen / V.G

– Both the party and Tina will have to discuss it when we get this far. Next spring we have a national convention where we will agree on what policy we will adopt going into the election and what leadership will take the party into the final stretch of a long election campaign.

– Is he suitable as a minister in the new Solberg government?

– First you have to work hard to win the election. We don't offer positions in government until the voters have a say. Tina is a skilled politician.

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