Bergenspanen was reopened after the Arna accident

Bergenspanen was reopened after the Arna accident

Collision: On Friday, March 22, this wagon train derailed and crashed into the entrance to Arnanipa Tunnel. Photo: National Accident Investigation Agency / Handbook / NTB

On Tuesday, the Arna-Waxdal section of the Bergen Railway reopened after a wagon train derailment in March.

Bane reports in one thread Press release Renovation work has been in full swing throughout Easter.

– It demands work in limited and very narrow construction area. We have put all our efforts into rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure so that the Bergenspanen can be reopened between Arna and Växtall as soon as possible, says Hans Gunnar Dokken, Regional Director Sour-West at Bain Nor.

  • On Friday evening, a freight train with 25 wagons derailed at Arna station in Bergen.
  • The train overturned at the entrance to a tunnel, lost a container and was swept away Contact wire.
  • Two employees are in critical condition, including the engine driver – who sustained minor injuries in the accident.
  • The other suspect was an employee who helped prepare the train for departure.

The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board, the police and Ban Nor's investigation and analysis unit are investigating why the freight train derailed.

The Accident Investigation Board has received information that an emergency call has been received by a freight train A red light might have been turned on And that's one Diverting Exchanger attacked

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