– was shocked – VG

– was shocked – VG
Isolation: When Thor (6) and Sofia (8) tested positive, mother Silja (39) and father Henning Gulander (43) were isolated. Only after eleven days

Families living with corona infection are isolated within eleven days of the onset of the disease.


VG created confusion around isolated rules, when we did On Wednesday Høiland wrote about the Nyborg family, To spend Christmas Eve alone at home in Stavanger.

– On the second day of Christmas, seven days later, Anny Merethe Høiland Nyborg (35) told VG that if we test negative, we are “good” – but that’s not true.

According to the Stavanger Municipality, the regulations say eleven days On its website:

“If you live with one or more positive people and you are unable to live alone (for example, families with small children), you may want to test yourself to end the isolation 11 days before the last onset of the disease. Sick in the family.”

– Good what we found

My Elena (11) tested positive on Monday, December 20th. On the same day, the family was isolated with her. Stay at home without contact with outsiders.

– We thought we could test ourselves after seven days, but that was wrong. My Elena’s mother, Annie Mereth, told Highland Nyborg that what we found was great.

He took VG’s isolated calculator and found that if their corona tests were negative, the family was the first to leave the infection isolation on New Year’s Day.

– If so, this is what we need to do. There is various information there. Says something, then you read something else. I’m confused, the stepmother agrees on Stavanger.

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Grills: My Elena (11), mother Annie Meredith, Emilian Elender (3), father John Eric and William Andre (12) are happy with sausages in the garden at Huntwalk in Stavanger.

At least four plus seven days

Health writes about Norway Family members living with the victim:

“If you can not keep enough distance, you should start counting 10 days in isolated isolation, when the person you live in is 4 days alone.

That means the total isolation period will be 14 days.

You should have a coronary test after 11 days (4 + 7) and if it is negative, complete the isolated infection.

Here you can pick up VG’s isolated calculator:

Henning Coulander, 43, of Sandefjord, was surprised that the number of seven isolated days did not begin after four days of isolation.

– Longer than we thought

– It came as a shock. Vijay, a father of two in Sandeford, tells us that we should have been more isolated during the Christmas holidays than we thought.

Son Thor (6) tested positive on Friday, followed by sister Sophia (8) the next day.

– Because the school has been infected for so long, we know it has a great chance of happening. So, we took the kids out to buy gifts in early December, says Gulander.

He says there were a lot of misconceptions at school about isolation when the infection occurred.

– I understand very well that it’s confusing, says Gulander.

Thor was alone on Wednesday, while Sofia is out on Christmas Eve. If the test is negative after 11 days, the family first withdraws from the infection isolation on December 29th.

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