News, Bergen | Major rescue operation in Oigarden: – Missing freediver found

News, Bergen |  Major rescue operation in Oigarden: – Missing freediver found

Case updated.

Emergency services have launched a major rescue operation in Oakgarden after a report came in about a missing freediver at 1647.

Police said the diver was found just after 1700, north of Anglewick at Littlesothra. The police said that the person disappeared after about 20 minutes.

– The man was found by rescue workers at 1711 and his condition is unclear, says Knut Dahl-Michaelson, operations manager for the Western Police District.

The incident leader at the scene, Ørjan Djupvik, tells the BA at 1800 that life-saving first aid is being carried out at the scene.

– The person was quickly taken to a suitable vessel. Life saving first aid has been started there. This is still going on, says Zubvik.

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The fire service assisted divers at the scene, confirmed Helge Lund, duty commander at 110 Central. The main rescue center is coordinating the rescue operation.

– Received a message about a missing freediver. A rescue helicopter from Floro is on its way and an air ambulance is on the scene. In addition, the fireboat and divers are involved – in addition to the police and health services, says Gedil Hagen, rescue manager at the main rescue center in Sola.

Hagen says that now that the person has been located, the search has ended and the personnel involved in the operation have now been terminated.

– Healthcare works at the patient’s site and observes the person.

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