Emilé (2) Missing: – associated with fire:

Emilé (2) Missing: – associated with fire:

It’s been a month since Emilie disappeared from her grandparents’ garden in Vernet, France. Extensive searches and searches of the houses of the entire small mountain village and 1,600 hints later, the boy has not yet been found.

Now, according to Le Parisien, among others, a new pathway is being investigated. A fire that spread in 2019 in four homes, including that of the two-year-old’s family, is now being watched against disappearance.

This is despite the fact that the fire happened two years before Emily was born.

- You probably didn't disappear alone

– You probably didn’t disappear alone

– There must be a connection


The fire which is now being investigated in connection with the disappearance took place in Pollard, about ten kilometers from where Emily disappeared. A family member interviewed by Le Parisien said the following about the track:

– I can’t help but see the two in conjunction. It must be connected.

Police confirmed to the newspaper that they are investigating the fire, but do not wish to comment on the details of the investigation.

– There is a trace present. It has not yet been prioritized or ruled out by investigators, a police spokesperson confirms.

- Kidnapping is the only hope

– Kidnapping is the only hope

Scout towards the family

Hundreds of volunteers and envoys from the Norwegian Armed Forces combed the small town of Vernet in the south of France. Among other things, the voice of the mother of the two-year-old girl was played from the loudspeakers of a helicopter, while the forests were being combed.

The Digne-les-Bains prosecutor, Remy Avon, has previously said it was unlikely that the two-year-old disappeared on his own.

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– With the passage of time, it is normal for family members to come to light. It will happen with the police, but it will also happen with the people who follow the case and with the press. A crime writer and former police detective, Jorn Lehr Horst told Dagbladet in connection with the case earlier.

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