– Feel the post-apocalypse – VG

- Feel the post-apocalypse - VG

Thousands have been evacuated, many injured and many killed by the wildfires that have ravaged many heatwave-affected countries around the Mediterranean.


she has devastating forest fires In Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia, Hungary, Greece and Italy in Europe this week. In North Africa, Morocco has been affected, and on the other side of the world, China is also battling forest fires. The fires broke out due to heat waves in the regions.


On Friday night, a pilot who flew a hydro-detonator over a forest fire died in Torre de Moncorvo in Portugal. The plane crashed in Foz Kua, according to Reuters The local news agency reported that the pilot’s death was announced immediately. Prime Minister Antonio Costa expressed his condolences to the relatives Via Twitter.

Watch a series of photos from several wildfires here:

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Firefighters in the village of Anseed in Baiao, Portugal, on Friday.

to me BBC Portuguese health authorities have reported 238 more deaths than usual since July 7. These deaths are related to heat and dehydration.

Friday morning, there were more than 30 active fires in the drought-stricken country. to me AP More than 3,000 firefighters were working on the fires.

Deutsche Welle (DW) wrote that five areas have a red heat warning. Portugal has experienced a heat wave since the beginning of this week. On Thursday, the temperature in Benau reached 47 degrees, and the fires until Thursday had killed one person and injured about 135. About 900 were evacuated on Thursday. So far this year, forest fires have destroyed 30,000 hectares of land this year.

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Fighting the fires: A policeman broke out next to the blaze that surrounded the village of Anseed in Norway’s Baiau, Portugal, on Friday.

A group of students at Oxford University on holiday in Portugal were among those evacuated on the Algarve coast.

– I ran down the road of life with the flames following the cars as we drove off, said Millie Farley (22) BBC Friday.

Joao Anastasio, 63, told the Daily Mail he covered himself with a wet towel while the fire broke out outside his home in Anziao.

– He looked like a devil. He says everything around my house is on fire.


DW also reported that several hundred more were evacuated from wildfires in Spain and France on Friday.

We are going through a particularly difficult season, President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday during a visit to the State Crisis Management Center in Paris. AP.

The president stated that the amount of forest burned in the country so far this year is three times what was destroyed by the fires in 2020.

16 regions in France have an orange heat warning, while 26 have a yellow notice on Saturday. And on Mondays it reports up to 40 degrees.

Hot: Meteorologist Météo France announced these temperatures on Monday.

Since Tuesday, more than 3,000 firefighters and ten water launchers have tried to control two major forest fires in the southeastern Gironde region. to me BBC More than 12,000 people were evacuated. About 10,000 hectares have been burned since Tuesday.

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On Friday, the temperature was around 40 degrees in southern France.

Resident Karen in Casaux, who received an eviction order on Thursday, told AFP:

– I’ve never seen this before, and I felt post-apocalyptic.

A forest fire broke out north of Paris.


In Spain he writes El Pais Saturday that emergency services are battling 33 wildfires, 14 of which are out of control.

About 2,300 people have been evacuated from a forest fire in Mijas in the southeast of the country, from Malaga. A new forest fire broke out Thursday near Montfrag National Park, famous for its wildlife.

The temperature in Spain reached 45.4 degrees on Thursday, according to France 24. By that time, at least 3,500 hectares had already burned.

to me France Press agency More than 70,300 hectares of forest burned in Spain between January 1 and July 3. Authorities report that it is nearly double the average in the past ten years.

The Moroccan authorities have stated this A dead person has been found With burns in the north of the country due to forest fires. More than 1,100 families have been evacuated from about 15 villages in the northwest of the country. Since Wednesday, at least 1,600 hectares have burned.

On Wednesday, a helicopter that had helped with wildfires crashed on the Greek island of Samos. The coast guard reported that the helicopter had crashed in the Aegean Sea, according to AFP. Two crew members lost their lives.

weather changes

In the UK, no bushfires have been reported so far, but on Friday The country declared a national crisis After sending a red heat warning for the first time. On Monday and Tuesday, temperatures should reach 40 degrees Celsius. Then I informed the health authorities that it might be so Danger to life, health and infrastructure.

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Italy also declared a state of emergency in the Po Valley.

Researchers believe that climate change is the cause of intense and frequent wildfires around the world.

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