The nurse died of coronavirus

The nurse died of coronavirus

American Natalie Rice (46 years old) loved her job as a home service nurse in Idaho, USA. A mother of two has opposed the coronavirus vaccine and has long insisted that a face mask and good hygiene are enough to stay healthy, according to reports. CNN.

Unfortunately, Natalie learned that wasn’t the case when she ended up in the hospital in mid-August this year, with covid-19.

The 46-year-old was admitted shortly after her mother had to go to the hospital due to Corona, and ended up in a coma.

While her mother was in a coma, Natalie died shortly thereafter at the local hospital, tens of meters away from her.

Natalie died on August 22, leaving her twin children behind for ten years.

– He said we shouldn’t

We were all advised not to be vaccinated. “I think it was very misleading because of the social media and the bloggers and YouTubers that I followed,” her brother Daryl Reese told CNN.

He says Natalie thought there hadn’t been enough studies on the vaccine, and that it could be dangerous. Daryl took his first vaccination the day after his sister died.

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Born with Joubert Syndrome

The children’s uncle and Natalie’s brother, Daryl, will now take care of the two children.

Uncle Daryl says the two 10-year-olds were very strong after their mother died.

It ends by encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. He thinks the situation around the family would have looked different if Natalie and her mother had gotten vaccinated when they had the opportunity.

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42 million cases

CNN writes that 54.7 percent of all American citizens are now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. In Idaho, only 40.8 percent took both doses.

According to the New York Times, Idaho has recorded 245,000 cases of infection and about 2,663 deaths.

The American newspaper reported that 42.2 million cases of infection were recorded in the country, and that 679,000 people had died from the virus.

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