ICC Arrest Warrant: – Marking Putin

ICC Arrest Warrant: – Marking Putin

– a very important step.

This is how the Helsinki Committee describes the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for the President of Russia.

Retired Lieutenant General Arne Bord-Dalhough says Vladimir Putin is now being designated an international war criminal for life.

– Perhaps not the greatest practical result for Putin, but now he is on the list of internationally wanted war criminals. Even with regime change in Russia, this will stay with him.

“There is a strong signaling effect in this,” Dalhaug tells TV 2.

The consequences for Putin do not stop there either.

Situation report: Heavy fighting is still going on in Ukraine, and this is what the situation looks like right now. Photo: Graphics: Jørgen Herland / TV 2

You will be able to be isolated

Putin’s arrest warrant means, among other things, that the president will not be able to travel to countries that support and recognize the ICC.

– In practice, this means that Putin has to think about the places where he can travel for the rest of his life. The Lieutenant General says he is now risking extradition.

In addition to being a retired lieutenant in the defense forces, Dalhoge has served several years in NATO and has extensive experience in war interpretation and intelligence.

– It is difficult to imagine that Putin will be able to travel to a Western European country again, because everyone is connected and signed the support of the ICC, he says, and adds:

– Who can receive him and who is expected to visit him will be severely restricted because he is a war criminal.

As an obvious example, US President Joe Biden will likely not be able to arrange a meeting with Putin again, Dalhough believes.

Served for several years in Ukraine: Retired First Lieutenant Arne Bord-Dalhough has extensive experience interpreting wars.  Photo: Simen Askjer/TV 2

Served for several years in Ukraine: Retired First Lieutenant Arne Bord-Dalhough has extensive experience interpreting wars. Photo: Simen Askjer/TV 2

The Kremlin will never admit seriousness

Although many countries do not belong to the ICC, Dalhoge believes other leaders will now think twice before arranging a meeting with Putin.

The Kremlin, for its part, is sniffing about the arrest warrant.

– The decisions of the International Criminal Court are of no importance for our country, not even from a legal point of view, says Kremlin spokeswoman Maria Zakharova in a post on Telegram.

The foreign policy spokeswoman again notes that Russia is not bound by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, and therefore has no obligations under it.

– This has consequences. I’m sure it’s seen as dangerous internally, but a journalist in the Kremlin would never admit it, says Dalhough.

It can strengthen the position of Ukraine

How will this affect any peace negotiations?

– Then we move on to something interesting. Because it has been a long time since Ukraine or others said it was unreasonable to negotiate peace as long as Putin was in power, says Dalhough.

– This will strengthen the position of Ukraine, and now they can say that they will not negotiate with a war criminal, he adds.

Although it may not have direct consequences in the short term, the general believes it is important to look at the big picture.

– Taken together, it plays an important role. He adds that it would be very difficult for all the directors to have anything to do with it.

However, some countries stand out, believes the Secretary General of the Helsinki Committee, Beret Lindemann.

– He can travel to China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and India, which are also not affiliated with the International Criminal Court. There are only a few examples, Lindemann tells TV 2.

Key role: Beret Lindemann is Secretary General of the Helsinki Committee, which has a key role in collecting accounts, photos and videos of crimes against Ukraine's civil war.  Picture: Christine Groening/TV2

Key role: Beret Lindemann is Secretary General of the Helsinki Committee, which has a key role in collecting accounts, photos and videos of crimes against Ukraine’s civil war. Picture: Christine Groening/TV2

Putin can travel here

The Secretary General is clear that not all countries will be ready to extradite Putin – even with an arrest warrant.

Other neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus are also countries where Putin can travel without extraditing him, she says.

The International Criminal Court has She posted a list on her website All countries affiliated to the International Criminal Court.

– It is an international arrest warrant, and in principle all countries can issue it. Interpol could again consider an arrest warrant that would put him on a kind of “red notice,” which would sound an alarm every time he traveled. But he probably does not want to travel to a country where he is afraid of being extradited.

– He has not traveled to such countries for a long time. Lindemann says he no longer travels.

Several important points

Putin is primarily accused of being responsible for war crimes committed in Ukraine. The war crimes relate to the abduction and re-education of Ukrainian children.

– It’s a long investigation we’re still facing. It may have been a long time before we saw Putin appear in court, but it is a very important step in that direction, says Lindemann.

Meanwhile, several initiatives are underway to support the ICC investigation. For example, the UN Special Investigation Commission, led by Norwegian judge Erik Moss, will present its investigation on Monday.

– It’s a new milestone, says the general secretary.

Multiple administrators can be loaded

Lindemann highlights several important points, and says efforts are being made to hold Putin responsible for the entire invasion.

– With the International Criminal Court investigating serious war crimes and crimes against humanity, and if we get a special court for crimes of aggression with them, we will have a very good basis for holding Putin fully responsible for all the crimes he has committed.

There is an endless series of documented crimes for which Putin is responsible.

In addition to the Russian president, there are many others who may be punished and may be brought to justice.

– Everyone who is part of the lines of command, a propaganda device that encourages murder. The higher the system, the higher the liability, says Lindemann, but individuals can also be held responsible.

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