Summer 2022 Celebrities: – Face the gorilla in the jungle

Summer 2022 Celebrities: - Face the gorilla in the jungle

Summer is in full swing and two years into the pandemic, vacations abroad are long overdue for many. Passport problems and airline strikes have put many off, but celebrities still seem to be enjoying their lazy summer days.

Realize many big dreams

One of those who really appreciated the first summer after the Corona pandemic Goron Stansen (38).

She can tell Dagbladet about a summer full of excitement.

courting: Christian Steinsing talks about courting Goron Stiansen during ‘Idol’.
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– It’s summer. I have visited many of the recordings that will be on screen in the fall. Then I went on a girl’s trip to Italy, where, among other things, we hiked in the Cinque Terre mountains. Then the trip continued to Uganda where I encountered huge differences, they were kind and strong.

And from Uganda, the best memory comes from summer 2022, so far.

– I met eight mountain gorillas in the jungle, my childhood dream came true.

In the first Corona-free summer, the former “Idol” winner also fulfilled another big dream she’s been dreaming of for a long time.

– I just got back from the biggest electronic festival in the world, Tomorrowland, in Belgium. I’ve dreamed of riding it for 16 years, something I will definitely be doing again next year.

– But what is the perfect summer in your eyes?

The best summer for me is no plans, warm weather on land and in the water, being with friends and my boyfriend, drinking wine and dancing late at night.

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Celebrities who love to travel

While social media is overflowing with photos from around the world, Dagbladet has taken a deep dive and collected summer photos of famous faces. Here you can see how celebrities are spending their first summer after the pandemic.

Below the issue you can find a bunch of summer celebrity photos.

Crutches and fractures

dimple tone (34) Currently in Italy, specifically in Rome with his family. However, this was not what was originally planned. The family was actually on a flight to Milan, but due to the SAS strike, the flight was canceled and they had to change their destination.

Even with a flight booking to Rome, things did not go smoothly for the artist. Before the holiday, she injured her foot, wrote on Instagram that her foot was swollen and blue, and she could not wear shoes. There is no doubt, however, that there was a breach, but Damley still had to roam the streets of Rome on crutches.

Damley isn’t the only one spending summer vacation injured. Marna Hogan, 41, and Organ Borough’s son, Dexter, 48, had to visit the hospital, too. After a bad arm fractureHaugen can tell his followers on Instagram.

Corona test: Marna Hogan, aka “The Comedian Lady,” got into trouble after she posted this video. Video: Instagram /Komikerfrue. Reporter: Embla Hjört Larsen.
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She told Dagbladet that several of the family’s vacation plans have been canceled – both Bø’s in Sommarland and Liseberg. However, she added that they still have to come up with something fun, despite the fact that extreme sports will have to wait a few weeks.

CHRISTMAS GIFT: This house is this year's birthday present from Organ to himself.  Photo: Invisio v / Ioannis Lelakis

CHRISTMAS GIFT: This house is this year’s birthday present from Organ to himself. Photo: Invisio v / Ioannis Lelakis
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However, a few days before his son’s trampoline accident, Burrow was able to share some happy news. because it goes In summer vacation as a new homeowner. He bought the house when he was on vacation in Marbella, and the whole family attended the moving party.

The house is located in Ski, where Hogan also settled.

– He’s a stone’s throw from the Marna, if I throw really far, the 48-year-old joked to Dagbladet.

Photo: Instagram Story screenshot

Photo: Instagram Story screenshot
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The Blipp family, with Jamina (34) and Stian (32) Up front, I also started a bit on vacation. After some mayhem on the trip, they finally arrived in Crete, but as soon as they got to the hotel, they were told that the hotel was overbooked and that they had to find another place to stay.

The residence was eventually arranged, and while in Greece, they also celebrated the wedding of Jamina’s mother – where Stan married the bride and groom. From Greece, the road went to France.

Strike and Cancellation

Vacation: Sarah Emily Tandberg and Therese Lien have finally arrived in Italy after a lot of trouble.  Photo: private

Vacation: Sarah Emily Tandberg and Therese Lien have finally arrived in Italy after a lot of trouble. Photo: private
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Influences and Blogger Mother Sarah Emily Tandberg (33) A celebrity who really felt the air strikes on their bodies. Initially, I risked losing up to NOK 100,000 as there was still uncertainty about flight cancellations and closures, because they booked flights and accommodations separately. What was supposed to be a three-hour flight to Venice turned into one 24 hour long travel nightmare.

surprises: Sarah Emily Tandberg is new to Bloggers, so we had a chat with her about, among other things, the post that caused the most reactions.
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Then it was time for a trip to Spain with his girlfriend, but things didn’t go as planned here either. The flight has been canceled, so the first flight is included new girlfriend none of the. The replacement was a few days in Sauerland.

Holiday paradise in Marbella

Sebastian Solberg (31) He is one of several Norwegian celebrities who took a trip to Marbella, Spain, for a few lazy days in the heat. While the family was back home in Norway, the TV dossier celebrated the birthday of celebrity manager David Eriksen (55) with his family among others.

However, the holiday was interrupted when a shooting occurred in a nightclub in the city on Monday night. Solberg himself was in another nightclub, but Eriksen’s son, Lucas, 20, was present when the shots went off.

It was a very disgusting and shocking experience. I didn’t see the accident myself, but I heard it well. My friends and I were standing at the bar only 20 meters away and the 20-year-old could tell Dagbladet after the accident.


Two who had an eventful summer Influencers Camila Lorentzen (32) and Julie Fisnes (26). The duo, who first gave each other “yes” at the Tonsberg Court in May, Get married again on the beach in Thailand advance this month.

“We had the finest wedding in the world with those close to us who had the opportunity to be there, and my mother married us on the beach,” Lorentzen can tell Dagbladet.

After two years of the pandemic and a holiday in Norway, many are eager to finally travel. On the other hand, the gang from “71 degrees north – the most famous celebrity in Norway” showed that the holiday can also be spent in this country.

Last fall we got to see them climbing mountains, skiing across the plains and crawling through the woods, and now they have a very small reunion.

Agnete Husebye, 26, shared a photo of herself with Mona Berntsen, 32, Rasmus Wald, 31, Burke Rudd, 22, and Aurora Goode, 30, having fun in the woods.

Photo: Instagram Story screenshot

Photo: Instagram Story screenshot
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From the Norwegian forests to the American roads. Linnéa Myhre (32) and Emil Gukild (30) Spent a short month in a car across the States, Myhre took his followers the entire journey through regular updates in what became a travel blog.

In 26 days, the couple visited 18 states and spent at least 90 hours in the car, traveling between New York and San Francisco.

See more pictures of celebrity holidays:

Realistic couple Linn Wøyen Lenes (22) and Øystein Solberg (25) Recently I was able to share some happy news. They have become Parents for the first timefor a little girl named Amelia.

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