December 9, 2022


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2539 affected by power outages

2539 affected by power outages

Large parts of Grimstad without electricity on a Sunday evening. Agder Energi reported that they are looking for the fault and cannot say when the power will return. But after 20 minutes the error was found.

‚ÄúThere was a power grid failure that resulted in a loss of power in your area, and we are working to find out where the failure occurred. This can cause the power to turn back and then black out again, and this can happen many times. Until we locate the fault and the cause of the accident, from It’s hard to say when power will be permanently restored,” Agder Energi Nett wrote on the outage page.

Here it appears that the electricity was cut off shortly before 7 pm and that 2,539 families were affected.

Agder Energi’s press officer, Anette Johnsen, explains that there is operational disruption.

Network Troubleshooting Center to discover the error. Hopefully this happens quickly, says Johnson at 19.20.

At about the same time, the message disappeared from the power outage map. So we expect electricity to be restored to all homes in Grimstad.

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