Chinese officials doubt that Russia will win the war: – Putin is crazy

Chinese officials doubt that Russia will win the war: – Putin is crazy

Since the war broke out on the night of February 24, China has kept a low profile on Russia’s war of aggression.

President Xi Jinping has never officially distanced himself from the war, but has been passive, neutral, and level-headed in his discussion of his Russian counterpart.

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When the UN Security Council voted on resolutions unfavorable to Russia, China vetoed them. At the same time, they increased their imports of gas and oil from Russia. Chinese and Russian military forces also frequently train together.

– China should not only follow the example of Russia

That is why it arouses international interest when Chinese speakers speak in unusually harsh terms about the Russian leadership.

– The decision to invade was made by a very small group of people. Anonymous speakers add that China should not just follow Russia financial times.

The newspaper was in contact with many representatives of the Chinese Communist Party. Many of them expressed their clear dissatisfaction with President Putin and the war in Ukraine.

– Putin is crazy, says one of the sources, who asked not to be identified.

Fear of Putin’s fall and Russia’s isolation

Ukrainian soldiers prepare a US-supplied M777 howitzer to fire at Russian positions in the Kherson region, Ukraine, on January 9, 2023. Photo: Libkos/AP

also Moscow Times It brings the news to its readers: “Beijing fears that Russia is becoming a ‘minor power’ under ‘Mad Putin,’” the paper writes. It refers to Beijing’s plans to reorient its foreign policy away from Moscow for fear of waning Russia’s economic and political influence,” as a direct result of its conquest. The catastrophe for Ukraine and the eventual downfall of Putin.

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Before the invasion began, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin made solemn promises to each other to stand shoulder to shoulder, and this cooperation was boundless.

Looking back, it turns out that Jinping may not have known about Putin’s war plans. This should have led to distrust and irritation because China was not given time to prepare and take diplomatic action, he writes Sky News.

Mistrust is growing between China and Russia

The fact that the elite in Beijing were unaware of the Kremlin’s plans to launch a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine last year may have damaged the relationship between the two countries. When the war first broke out, China is said to have expected a limited military operation, not a drawn-out, bloody war with tens of thousands of deaths, and massive civilian suffering, which would soon enter its twelfth month.

Now, distrust of the Russian leader is growing among the top echelons of the Chinese Communist Party. This is very bad news for the leadership in the Kremlin. According to the Financial Times, China has begun to reconsider whether a close relationship with Russia will serve the country’s diplomatic goals in the long run.

“An important turning point in the supposedly good relationship between Russia and China”

Chinese officials have been quoted as saying they believe the Kremlin’s goals in Ukraine are “doomed” and that Russia will emerge from the conflict considerably weaker and more isolated diplomatically and economically.

“The sharp comments from Chinese officials marked an important turning point in the supposedly good relations between Russia and China, just one month after the two countries promised to deepen their bilateral relations,” he writes. daily Mail.

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News of the new Chinese suspicions is being interpreted as a sign that President Xi Jinping, through his officials, is trying to distance himself from Putin and his war, and instead focus on improving his diplomatic relations with the West.

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